This is very much known fact now that people who have consumed lot of alcohol in life have increased chances of getting a liver damage that may lead to the alcoholic liver disease.

But again the liver disease can be a part of those people also who do not consume alcohol, but in their case, it will be a fatty liver disease that is non-alcoholic. There can be some severe cases such as that of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. In this particular disease, the liver gets inflamed that may lead to a liver disease called cirrhosis.

It has been researched and studies lately that in USA almost 20% suffer from above two diseases but they are not able to trace the symptoms. The symptoms of the disease can be quite normal and common such as weight loss, fatigue, abdomen pain and malaise. The disease NAFLD or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease takes place due to fat accumulation in the liver. This happens in many cases such as insulin resistance, malnutrition, diabetes, viral hepatitis, and also certain weight loss. This may also happen due to consumption of certain medicine such as diltiazem, aspirin, amiodarone, corticosteroids, and tetracycline or again due to some antiviral drugs.

Normally, there are no such effective drugs at present that can help patients in recovering from the liver as per their claims. But the fact is that these medicines are not effective enough in treating the disease. Some of the effective ways to get rid of the liver disease are to control weight, stop risky medicines and also controlling diabetes. But if you really wish to see results, then there are some natural remedies that can be tried.

Low glycemic diet

High glycemic food items increase the levels of blood sugar in the body. Some of such food items are watermelon, potatoes and brown rice. Processes food items such as sweetened cereals or chocolates and even beer have high glycemic rate.

As per a study in 2008, it was noticed that people who were suffering from the liver disease started taking fruit juices in place of such food items that are higher in glycemic and were able to notice the changes in them. But processed juice or soft drinks, increases the intake of sugar in body.

Some food items that you can consume to keep this level at an average in your body are broccoli, eggs, garlic, cabbage, apples, carrots, legumes and many other green vegetables.


It was published in a journal in the year 2012 that weight loss can be one of the most effective remedies for the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It is not only effective but also an inexpensive way that is simple and easy to follow also. It was found that if someone practices 20 minutes of aerobics regularly for 5 days each week, then they could get rid of the disease slowly. This method treats the liver disease and also maintains the enzyme balance in the body.


Flaxseed is mainly known for its phytoconstituents that is helpful in controlling the harmful hormones in the liver.

It has been published in the year 2013 that if flaxseed oil is taken with alpha-lipoid acid, then it controls the accumulation of fat in the liver and also keeps you away from stress. This can be an easy way again to prevent such disease.

The best way to use flaxseed is to grind it is a coffee grinder or so. The powdered flaxseed can be used as a dressing for the salads and also can be used as a part of many of the continental dishes.


If you know about dandelion, you must also know about the benefits of dandelion. One of the main benefits of the dandelion root and leaves is that it reduces your obesity and helps you in staying fit and healthy.

If you are suffering from the liver disease, then dandelion root tea can help in purifying your liver and also in controlling the fat that has got accumulated. Along with controlling the fat of the liver, it also helps in lowering the insulin resistance in the body.

Preparing dandelion tea is easy where you just have to add dandelion root in boiling water and have to leave it covered for next 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, strain the tea and drink it. Drinking the tea for 3 times a day can cure your problem in 3 weeks.


Cilantro is often considered as coriander also. It is known for its antioxidant properties and is held to be a very effective herb that can be used in treatment of a number of health issues. It can affect on the liver to treat it from inflammation and hence is an effective treatment for the fatty liver diseases.

Indian gooseberry

In India, amla is very famous and is said to be an effective fruit for health. This particular Indian gooseberry, popular since the Vedic time has great rejuvenating properties and is great in treating diabetes as well as the fatty liver diseases.

The antioxidant property of the fruit is very effective in maintaining the proper functioning of the liver. Apart from having the antioxidant property, it also contains various nutrients such as vitamin C, ellagic acid, gallic acid, gallotannin and corilagin. If it is even not a liver disease, then also amla helps in treating any kind of liver inflammation.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is taken to be first when it about the treatment of liver diseases. It contains flavonoids that are effective in detoxing the body and also in preventing the liver from any kind of damage. It has been researched that this particular herbal remedy is also effective in treating a number of other liver issues also such as viral hepatitis and cirrhosis. If patients can take about 900 milligrams of milk thistle two times a day during meal, this can treat the liver disease.

Licorice root

Licorice root is another remedy for liver diseases from the Ayurveda. In an experiment held in 2012, it was found that the licorice extract was successful in treating as many as 66 patients who were suffering from liver diseases such as reduced amount of enzymes in liver.

Consuming licorice root is also easy where you can get a tea by boiling some licorice roots in water and then drinking it 2-3 times in a single day.


Cinnamon is an herbal spice that helps in improving digestion and also helps in maintaining the health of the liver. In the year 2014, it was found during an experiment that when 50 patients took 2 cinnamon tablets every day for 3 months, were seen to have improved results in their liver issues. Later on it was more researched and found that about 1,500 milligrams cinnamon taken daily can help in treating liver disease.


Turmeric is said to be the most efficient spice in the Indian kitchen. If it is the case of liver, then turmeric is very effective in treating jaundice and also other liver diseases. It reduces the inflammation, controls fat metabolism and also improves insulin management in your body. Thus, it can be said that turmeric is an efficient way of treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Turmeric is also held effective in treating cancer and hence also for liver cancer. It is also effective remedy for liver fibrosis. To consume turmeric you do not have to prepare something separately. Turmeric can be consumed by using it in cooking different dishes for meals.

Limiting saturated fat

Make a diet that consists of whole food items that are highly nutritious and are low in saturated fats. This will keep your immune system healthy and hence also will keep you away from various liver diseases.

Alcohol – a poison

Even if you are suffering from the non-alcoholic type of liver disease, then also you should stay away from any type of alcohol, even if it is there in the form of medicines.

Avoiding processed food items

Processed items such as corn syrup are high in uric acid that may cause rise in blood pressure and also at times liver damage. Also it destroys the good bacteria in your gut that ruins the digestive system and then influences the functioning of the liver also.

Avoiding harmful drugs

Sometimes access consumption of drugs such as acetaminophen can be very harmful for your liver.

Avoiding pregnancy

If your liver got so much damaged that you had to undergo liver transplant surgery, then it is advisable to avoid pregnancy for a year or so. This is because the baby may get in touch with the immunosuppressive medicines through breast-feeding that can be harmful for the baby.

Liver enzyme tests

If you are diagnosed with fatty liver disease, always go for liver enzyme test.

Avoiding virus vaccines

If you have undergone a liver transplant then you should avoid the live virus vaccinations.

Apart from these remedies there are many more other home remedies such as bile salt, folic acid and green tea.

Source: Home Healthy Recipes