Home cleaning is a tough task and requires lot of effort. If home cleaning is the most dreaded task that you have to undertake, you can follow some simple tips to keep your abode clean.

Keep sponge clean- Sponge are the best places for bacteria breeding. If you microwave it for a couple of minutes and get it dried, you can easily avoid bacterias infecting your plates from the wet sponge.

Cleaning baseboards- You can at ease clean dirty baseboards by using fabric softeners.

Keep your washing machine clean- Put two cups of vinegar in the washing machine and allow it to run for an hour. Do this twoce and see if there is any dirt accumulation inside. Clean it with vinegar and sponge. Now, add two cups bleach in the machine and switch it on for an hour. Finally clean the nooks and crannies, lids and knobs using cotton swabs. Run the machine for the last time to ensure its tidiness and glow.

Keep matress and carpet stain free-  Clean your carpets and mattress from any stains by using a mixture prepared with dish washing soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Clean your toilet rings- Putting one piece of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser overnight in your toilet will make it shine brightly in the morning.

Remove water stains- Rub your taps with wax paper to keep it stain free. Not just that, the wax paper rubbing will create a protective layer coating on the taps and its shine will not be affected by fingerprints or water stains.

Keep your bathtub clean- Fill the tub with hot water and get the best alkaline cleansing effect.

No more sticky mess- Take coconut oil and baking soda in equal amounts. Mix it well and apply it on sticky marks. You will be really surprised to see the glow.

Keep your light bulbs shining- Wipe light bulbs using microfiber clothes to keep them clean and shining.

Room freshening- Your house must have the best smell along with the right look. Getting a beautiful fragrance in the house is simple. You just need to put two caps vaniall extract in a cup of coffee. Now, heat it in an over for an hour in 300 F temperature. Take it out and you will get a natural room freshner made at home.

If the above mentioned tips are followed regularly, home cleaning will no longer be a time consuming task.

Source: Health & Home Remedies