Are you trying to give your body tone through a ton of hours spent on cardio, or running on a treadmill? Well, you’re in for a rough time. Doing cardio isn’t going to help you slim down as efficiently as you would like to.

In fact, resistance training should be what you look into. Building strength and endurance removes fats faster, and makes you look a lot better.

Studies actually show that doing resistance training often reduces fatty liver problems. This is specifically seen in exercises such as squats and pushups, especially if done thrice a week, for a period of 3-4 months.

Fat free muscle mass is also boosted with the exercising. With fat burning, this also improves your metabolic rate as an individual. The increased muscle will of course require more energy in order to be maintained. This extra energy will be extracted from your fats, aiding you in your weight loss quest!

The exercises we are about to mention are easy to perform, requiring close to no equipment from start to finish. This means that you can easily develop lean muscle tone, while reducing aging and looking at your absolute best!

10 exercises will exactly be listed that provide this toning to your muscles. The movements for those exercises are compound, which means that more muscles are targeted simultaneously. There is no specific order that the muscles activate. Those compound movements are easy to learn, allowing you to integrate those exercises into your program as fast as possible!

The Burpee

This exercise trains all the great muscle groups of your body, forcing your heart to pump at its best. This will aid you in even burning stomach fats faster than cardio exercises.

The Pull Up

This is a very powerful exercise that you can use to help you develop your back. It is somewhat difficult at the start, but you can practice easier alternatives before succeeding in doing your first pull-up!

The Squat

This is a basic movement that targets your lower body muscles, reshaping them in the process. They are quite challenging to perform, especially if they are bodyweight squats.

The Push Up

The most well-known of all exercises which will improve your triceps power, while sculpting your shoulder, and toning your upper chest. This will also greatly improve the core of your body. This exercise can actually be done anywhere at any time, modifying difficult in accordance to your level of fitness.

The Lunge

This exercise focuses on the tightening of your butt in addition to improving the tone of your hamstrings. Regardless, you may sometimes notice pain in your knees. In that case, you should replace the exercise with glute bridges instead.

The Spider Crawl

This will increase the mobility of the tips while toning the core muscles.

The Skater

The motion of this exercise is lateral, which provides standing stability for ankles and knees. If you would like to burn even more calories, you can try minor jumping and doing minimum jolts to the joints.

The Plank

This is quite an effective exercise, since the whole core is engaged in the process. The exercise relieves and prevents back pains. You should learn how to hold this position for a minimum of a single minute.

Jumping Rope

This is an excellent substitution for runs, while help in the burning of additional calories, providing tones to the legs and arms. You can mix the types of skips that you do, which is something that you’re going to get better with over time.

The Get Up

The core muscles will be engaged to a very great deal, which will allow you to reach a flat belly that is well-toned.

The previous bodyweight exercises should aid you in achieving the body that you have always desired. All that is needed are 15 minutes per day of this, in addition to a proper program that burns fats and strengthens your body.

Videos Source: Shawna Kaminski