Food is meant to nourish the body and mind. It acts as the fuel that brings our entire body and spirit on motion everyday. That is why healthy, organic and clean food is an important concern for everyone. We must always ensure that the food we ingest are preservative-free and devoid of harmful chemicals that can bring undue toxins to our body.

However, as much as the importance of clean, toxin-free food is being stressed, it has been found out that a lot of basic food, mostly from China, has been purposefully contaminated. These foods are harmful to human health and could cause serious illnesses such as cancer and hormonal imbalances. For the sake of awareness, let us take a quick look at some of the foods we must stop eating right now.

Plastic Rice

Can you ever imagine eating fake rice? Well, it is possible, and it is a fact. This so called “plastic rice” is not made from grains-it comes from potatoes and synthetic resins that are harmful when absorbed by the body. This kind of rice is hard to cook and stays hard. Beware-chemicals in this kind of rice are highly carcinogenic and toxic to your health.


The quality of chicken raised in China is raising concerns from some food safety experts. Food-borne illnesses and Avian Flu is prevalent in this country, which puts their poultry at high risk for toxicity and unfit for human consumption.

Apple Juice

Sounds healthy at first, but think about it: would you consume fruit juices in a place where these fruits are grown heavily via chemical-induced methods and pesticides? Chemical residue may be present in these fruits before they were processed into juice, so think twice and read labels before buying Chinese apple juices.

Processed Mushrooms

Researchers have discovered fake, “mystery mushrooms” in China, and some have the nerve to label it as organic foods to increase their profits. Be wary of these kinds of processed mushrooms.

Black and White Pepper

Some manufacturers use mud and make it look like black pepper; likewise; they take flour and turn these into so called white pepper. This is completely fake food and should neve be patronized.

Green Peas

Produced using soy beans, snow peas, green dye and a highly toxic substance known as sodium metabisulfite, these green peas don’t turn soft when boiled and the water turns into an unnatural greenish tint. Beware of this highly poisonous fake food.

Industrial Salt

It was sold as table dalt for almost a decade now. This kind of salt is not for human consumption and causes physical and mental illnesses.

Chinese Garlic

Much like the apples, garlics have been sprayed with a lot of pesticides and chemicals, making it harmful to use and eat because of possible high amounts of chemical residue left in it.

Tilapia and Cod Fish

These fishes pose a threat to health because they live by feeding on anything and most specially, on their own wastes.

Think twice and read your labels before purchasing food. Always remember to keep your health a priority, and by the simple avoidance of these kinds of food, you add years to your life and protect your loved ones’ health as well. Be alert and aware! Stop eating these foods now!

Here’s even more foods to avoid from China: