If you want to keep healthier and lose weight, your fridge is a necessary makeover! We’ve made a list of 10 foods that are “must haves”.


Nuts, fresh or in the form of butter. Add them to smoothies, or butter spread on bread for a healthy breakfast. Eat them in combination with apples – a perfect snack in the summer.

Fruit – another form of healthy snacks. Fresh berries, apples, pears and oranges are of great importance when you need for a meal out.

“Ready-to-eat” proteins. For those who do not have time to cook a lunch, protein meals, which are prepared in advance will prevent you to reach for unhealthy snacks. Prepare chicken and quinoa at the beginning of the week and leave it in the fridge to be able to cook a healthy dinner quickly when you get back from work. Salmon, for example, quickly cooked – if you’re looking for protein meal.

Sneak vegetables. Cut the carrots, celery or peppers on skewers and keep them in the fridge when you want to nibble on something healthy.

Lemon. Make lemonade or add a few drops in tea. L & Z editorial asks you sassy water (try it!) That will give you energy – except the lemon slices in water, add the slices of cucumber, a little grated ginger, and a few leaves of mint. Let stand overnight and every day, drink one cup.

Greek yogurt. Instead of high caloric dessert, opt for Greek yogurt, which will pour fruit. This food is healthy substitute for cream or butter.

Eggs. The fridge should always have a couple of hard-boiled eggs that will be easy to replace protein breakfast.

Humus. High protein coat of humus combined with vegetables can serve as a snack since it contains very few calories and makes you feel full. Also, you can use it instead of mayonnaise or salad dressing.

Spinach is an easy way to add nutrients to almost every meal. Sprinkle it on pizza, pasta, add to a sandwich or soup.

Almond milk is an excellent substitute for all dairy products because it contains less fat and calories. If you have a blender – you can make your own almond milk.