It is very much problematic nowadays with the measure of the uric acid in human beings. Therefore, here are some of the foods which can help you to keep the uric acid at a normal level.

  • Water:

Water is the most important thing to flush out the toxins from the body which includes the excess of the uric acid. An average of 10 to 12 glasses of water is very much essential for the body to keep the uric acid at a normal level.

  • Cherries:

Cherries are also one of the prime ingredients to bring the uric acid at a normal level. The cherries have an anti–inflammatory substance which is named as anthocyanis which helps to reduce the uric acid levels. It also prevents the uric acid from the process of crystallizing and it has also been deposited in the joints.

  • Apple:

Apple can also reduce the excess uric acid by the body. The malic acid present in apples helps in neutralizing the uric acid and therefore provides a relief to the sufferers. The proverb is very much effective over here, that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Hence, one apple should be taken in to bring the uric acid at a normal level.

  • Lime:

Lime is also very much helpful for the body to lower the rate of uric acid. The citric acid, which is present in lime, is actually solvent of the uric acid. The lime juice must be squeezed into a glass of water and can be taken in twice daily.

  • French Beans Juice:

French bean juice can be a very good home remedy to decrease the uric acid by the body. The healthy French bean juice can be easily consumed twice in a day for treating the gout or the high uric acid by the body.

  • Celery Seeds:

Celery seeds are also the best home remedy for lowering the excess uric acid levels of the body.

  • Berries:

Berries such as strawberries and blueberries are very much good for health and for the control of the uric acid as well as they have the inflammatory properties in them.

  • Carrot Juice:

It can be blended with beet and cucumber juice is very much effective for lowering the uric acid level of the body and is one of the easiest home remedy.

  • Dairy products:

Dairy products such as curd and milk are very much helpful to bring down the uric acid at a normal level.