In certain countries like Europe and North America, most people usually prefer certain meals with beer. Beer is a beverage that is alcoholic and it has a higher level of vitamin B and protein content than wine. Also it’s antioxidant content is the same as that of wine. The major ingredient for brewing beer is Hops, and they are rich in flavonoids, Flavonoids are rich antioxidants. Not only that, beer contain important minerals that promotes various metabolic processes if consumed in moderate amounts. It has the ability of promoting your health in numerous ways.

The following are Reasons Why You Should Drink a Beer:

Beer help maintain your kidneys health. In a recent study carried out, it was discovered that the chances of you developing kidney stones are reduced by 40% with each bottle of beer consumed.

Your LDL cholesterol levels can be reduced when you drink beer, this is because of the fiber found in the beer. Bad cholesterol are lowered when you take beer in moderate quantities.

Experts discovered that beer contains B vitamins like B12, B1, B6 and B2. Plus they discovered that vitamin B6 was found to be 30% higher in beer drinkers than those that did not and it was twice as high in wine drinkers. High levels of vitamin B12 can be found in beer. Drinking beer can increase the level of vitamin B in your body.

It was discovered in a study that beer makes the bones stronger. Due to beer high silicone levels that causes higher bone density.

Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid are both found in beer, making it a great cure for insomnia. Drinking beer can promote your sleep.

It will significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack. Studies carried out, shows that there is 40-60% reduced risk of getting a heart attack with beer drinkers than with non-beer drinkers

Experts also say that beer contains important ingredients that  prevents blood clots.

Beer can also boost your memory, experts discovered that people who drink beer have reduced chances of suffering from dementia than people who don’t. This was discovered in a recent study carried out.

Beer help fight stress. A team of experts at the Montreal University discovered that work related stress can be reduced with two glasses of beer. Stress and anxiety can be reduced through beer consumption.

Experts concluded that beer contains certain nutrients that enables the skin regenerate.

Also beer has a positive effect on the skin, it makes for skin look and feel more beautiful and youthful. It has certain vitamins that can improve the skin and skin pigmentation. Your skin becomes more supple and smoother with time. Hope you enjoyed reading this article, please share it!

Via Healthy Food Team