Coco-cola noted among the most priced brand globally is often recognized as the most common phrase after “hello”. You may like to know that in some places of the world, Coca-Cola’s access is cheaper and easier than clean water. The company is not only known for making profits by selling the soft aerated drinks but also for maintaining environmental as well as social conscious image. However, the reality is something different and the brand is often associated with water shortages as well as pollution.

Studies show that the product contains potentially harmful ingredients and content that can cause harmful effects on human health. The acidity level of the drink has even raised doubt regarding the toxic level of the drink. You may find it shocking to know that the pH level of Coca-Cola is a point above of battery acid. Coca-Cola’s pH level is found to be 2.5, while battery acid’s pH is 1 and that of pure water’s is 7. For a better understanding, you need to know that pH range of liquids between 0-7 is termed as acidic while that of 7-14 is known as alkaline. Not just Coca-Cola’s acidity level is high but also soft drinks like this are often linked with different respiratory troubles like COPD and asthma. A study also indicates that the risk of stroke or heart attack increases by 48% when someone consumes one or more soda in a day.

10 Industrial Uses of Coca-Cola

The high acid contain of Coca-Cola even though do not make it a good choice for human health but it is often known as an impressive cleaning agent. You may not know that you can use it for several cleaning jobs instead of purchasing toxic cleaners. Top ten cleaning usage of Coke has been listed below:

1.Shine chrome with aluminum foil and Coke.

2. Take old pennies and get it soaked in Coke to increase its shine by removing the tarnish.

3. Take a bowl of Coke and put it in your toilet. Leave it undisturbed for some time and flush to get a shining toilet.

4. Get all blood stains removed from fabric and clothes.

5. Soak a pan in Coke and rinse to clean the burnts.

6. If you want to remove paint marks from furniture, you just need to take a towel soaked in Coke and lay it on the surface to be cleaned.

7. Put some coke on the floor of your garage and hose off after sometime to remove the stains.

8. Dip an aluminum foil, sponge or fabric in Coke and wipe the surface with it to remove rust.

9. Get your engine cleaned with Coke.

10. Shine your china utensils using Coke.

Source: Get Healthy Advice