Human body is composed in such a way, that almost 3/4th part is water. Many of the internal organs of the body consist of high amount of water. Of course the blood is almost 83% of water. This is the reason it is important to intake good amount of water each day to keep everything in order. Normally experts recommend about 3 liters of water for a man that is about 12 cups a day. This amount is a bit different for women who are supposed to take about 2.2 liters or 9 cups of water each day.

There are a number of symptoms that can show that you are not drinking enough water.

1. Dark yellow urine

This is a very common symptom that now many people are aware of. If you are consuming less amount of water, the color of your urine becomes dark yellow. This can be also because of some medicines such as B-vitamins and also due to some food items such as blackberries, beets and food coloring. But if these are not the reasons, then this symptom can be due to lack of water consumption. This is because the toxins released by the kidneys are not mixed with enough water. If you notice such symptom, increase the intake of water and then notice the situation. If still the color of your urine has not changed then you should go for the doctor as this can be also a symptom of certain diseases such as gallstones or hepatitis.

2. Reduced urine output

Now this is quite natural that if you consume less amount of water, you will of course visit the loo for lesser times. On an average a normal person should visit the washroom for 6-7 times a day. But when the intake of water is lesser in your body, the kidneys will not release the fluid out of the body in order to protect your body from dehydration. So, if you see that you are urinating lesser than 6 times a day, it is the time to get more intake of water.

3. Constipation

If your body is not getting enough water due to lesser consumption of water, it will try to extract water from other internal organs of your body such as your colon. If the amount of fluid in your large intestine reduces, this will cause harder stools. So, next time when you face constipation, increase the water consumption. Of course constipation can be due to some other reasons also such as dysbiosis, stress, and others.

4. Dry skin with wrinkles

If your body is getting lesser amount of water, the skin is not able to stay hydrated and so it becomes dry. Dry skin can lead to itching, irritation and also can crack and cause bleeding. Also due to the same reason, wrinkles can become visible.

5. Excessive hunger leading to weight gain

Human brain sometimes gets confused in between thirst and hunger. There can be times when you are in need of water but you may feel that you are actually hungry. This particular time if you grab some snacks, this will of course increase your weight. If you get hungry, it is recommended to consume some water and wait for some time to know whether it was thirst or it is actually hunger.

6. Dry Mouth

When you are thirsty, this means your body is getting dehydrated and so a very common symptom is that your mouth will start getting dry. You should immediately drink water to hydrate your body.

7. Headache

As mentioned before, if you are not consuming enough of water, your body will start extracting water from various other organs. One of the organs from where it can draw water is the brain. If this happens, loss of moisture occurs in the brain tissues that puts pressure on the skull. This causes pain in your head. Also due to lack of water, the water amount in blood also reduces and thus there is a deficiency of oxygen in the brain that may again lead to intense headache.

8. Fatigue

It was studied in the year 2011 that dehydration can cause fatigue too. Lack of water is responsible for lesser amount of energy in body and hence you will get tired very soon. This is because due to lack of water in the body, the heart has to work really very hard to transfer nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body through blood. It is a very wrong idea that coffee can release your fatigue; it will rather make you more dehydrated. So, in case of drinking such drinks go for drink fresh water.

9.  Pain in the joints

Water also acts as lubricants for the joints so that the joints can move without hurting you. Due to lack of water, the lubricant is lost and hence the cartilage cells get damaged. If the water balance is not maintained in the body, this can lead to higher problems that cannot get treated very easily.

10. Immune system not so strong

If you are consuming less water, this causes dehydration that will increase the amount of toxins in the body. Toxins are responsible in making the immune system of your body go weak. Water helps in eliminating the toxins from your body and hence strengthening your immune system. This means you will not get ill quite often.

Additional Tip:

Getting fluid in your body does not mean coffee or juices. It will dehydrate your body even more. Instead consume more amount of water to fight the above mentioned symptoms.

Source: The Hearty Soul