Life threatening diseases are usually talked about without the exemption of cervical cancer, this medical condition is very dangerous and causes devastating health hazard which leads to death. It is of no doubt that there have been recorded incidents of mortality among ladies as a result of cervical cancer few years ago. Due to technological advancement and improved health care services, the world today has come up with quite a number of tests that can be carried out to detect noticeable symptoms of this deadly disease. Consequently, victims of cervical cancer have reduced depreciably in recent time.

However, significant numbers of women globally year in year out are still victims of cervical cancer. The question is how can me ameliorate the impact this health hazard has on women globally or mitigate the occurrence of such deadly disease?

Early medication is the key, although at the initial stage of cervical cancer there are no noticeable signs and symptoms that are indicative of the disease. Physical symptoms become evident when the deadly disease has become well developed in the human system. At this stage the outgrowth becomes widespread and uncontrollable. However, there are some basic symptoms that can reveal the outgrowth of tumor in the human cervix.

Swollen Legs

This symptom is common among pregnant women but quite different when talking about cervical cancer. At the premature stage of cervical cancer, swollen legs that cause severe pains are noticeable. This condition occurs as a result of the swollen cervix.

Vaginal Discharge

This symptom can be attributed to different kinds of genital or urinary problems, Vaginal discharge is actually the release of foul smelling fluid as a result of pathogenic infection, It could also occur when is diagnosed of cervical cancer at the initial stage.

Vaginal bleeding

This is a predictable symptom that is often attributed to cervical cancer, patients suffering from this disease often bleed unusually and profusely from their vagina. It is advisable to visit a medical practitioner for a proper diagnosis when it is observed that one blood trickles down during menstrual periods and after having sexual intercourse. Ladies that no longer observe their menstrual cycle are easily tested for this symptom.

Discomfort during Urination

This is a critical symptom that proves the manifestation of cervical cancer, it is however important that we pay sound attention to our body and how it functions. This condition appears almost immediately when one has cervical cancer, there will be a stinging sensation while urinating which brings about discomfort.

Uncontrollable Urination habit

When the human bladder malfunctions and it is unable to control the way one urinates, then it could be a symptom of cervical cancer, this condition is followed by frequent urination at odd times and discoloration of blood. It is advisable to urgently visit a medical practitioner for remediation when such signs are noticed.

Irregular Periods

A woman’s menstrual cycle is a systematic and consistent monthly flow of blood that occurs until a woman reaches menopause. When there is an abnormality in the menstrual period over time, this could be an envisaged condition related to cervical cancer in the nearest future. There are medical counselors and practitioners that are always available to render help with respect to such condition.

Unease Sex Intercourse

When a person has cervical cancer, there are other conditions that are actually as a result of the ailment. One of these conditions is an uncomfortable painful feeling during sexual intercourse, this medical condition is also known as dyspareunia. It is of no doubt a side effect of cervical cancer that needs to be reported quickly.

Pelvic Pain

This feeling is very common among women generally. They often have pelvic pain, this is predominant among the overweight women. Another natural condition most women experience is abdominal cramp and pain during menstrual cycle, the intensity of abdominal pain varies among women as a result of their body composition and diet. Para venture  this condition takes a longer time than usual, then it becomes a condition that requires critical diagnosis to ascertain if it is natural or otherwise.

Pain in the Back 

It is advisable to report any form of unusual feelings like back pain to a medical practitioner to be sure if it is sign of cervical cancer or just a natural or anthropogenic cause.

Drastic Loss in Weight and Tiredness

These physical conditions can be attributed to diverse causes. However, it is abnormal to lose weight for no reason and get fagged out often. A regular check up on the body functioning should be ideally done. It could just be as a result of cervical cancer. This deadly disease destroys the red blood cells and affects white blood cells that fight against disease. It results to fatigue, loss of appetite and subsequently loss in weight.