Autoimmune diseases represent a giant issue in the nowadays society. Studies have shown that more than 80 million people in America are having trouble with the autoimmune diseases. On a larger scale, this number amounts to 5% of people in Western world.

The main characteristic of all autoimmune diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, etc., is that one’s own body attacks itself. Such diseases are often followed with tormenting symptoms such as pain, fatigue and even disability.

Although the conventional medicine acknowledges the issue of autoimmune diseases, it does not provide an adequate solution. It only provides anti-inflammatory medicines that sometimes can have hazardous and unwanted side effects.  Based on the testimonials of people who have managed to fight off the autoimmune diseases and based on the advancements in functional medicine, we can offer these 10 pieces of advice on how to overcome an autoimmune disease:

  1. Get your body checked for unseen infections (such as yeast, bacteria, Lime, etc.)
  2. Try to cut back on inflammatory foods and remove food allergens from your diet
  3. Get your blood tested for celiac disease
  4. Sleep for at least eight hours a night.
  5. Take good care of your gut!
  6. Get your body tested for toxic heavy metals (such as mercury)
  7. Use anti-inflammatory herbs (such as ginger or Curcumin)
  8. Exploit anti-inflammatory nutrients (probiotics, vitamins, fish oil)
  9. Learn good relaxation techniques (yoga, for instance)
  10. Take care of your body – exercise!

Studies have shown that by adopting some of the above-mentioned lifestyle changes and by taking better care of one’s own nutrition and health in general, one can largely improve the treatment of the autoimmune disorders and even fight them off completely!


Foto: wikiHow