1. Going bathroom for several times during sleeping can be very painful. If you avoid any liquid before bed, then you can avoid such tendency. Don’t even drink water within 120 minutes of sleeping.
  2. If you want to provide proper indications to your brain, then give exact bed time to it. You have to avoid anytime of the day sleeping habit.
  3. Any kind of high frequency electronic gadgets should be away before your bedtime. The screen brightness will affect the relaxation of the brain. Therefore, you must finish all virtual programs before the bed time.
  4. The reading habits may be great, if it is in limits. Don’t let the book to disturb your bed time anyhow. So, read the book till the certain time and then keep it away.
  5. Unnecessary brightness of the alarm clocks will reinforce the brain so that you can’t relax due to the bed time. Some dim lightning of the clocks will be positive.
  6. Choosing a low quality mattress can be harmful for your physical structure. Therefore, top quality materials of branded companies are more penetrating for healthy lifestyles.
  7. Eat before 2 hours of bed time is preferable for the smooth digestion process. You should not break this discipline.
  8. Everyday warm-up and free hand exercise is very effective. You shall accomplish this routine before 3 hours of sleeping.
  9. Icy feet can make you restless temporarily. Therefore, use the warm pads or socks to keep that body part in control.
  10. Enter in perfect condition with your body to get rest. Brush your teeth, use the bathroom if needed and apply some water on face and then go for sleeping.
  11. Caffeine gives energy to the organic system of the human body. Therefore, you should give sufficient time for digestion of coffee. The simple process is to drink coffee before 4 hours from the bed. If you don’t want to sleep, then drink coffee frequently.
  12. Keep the back and shoulder in a symmetrical position. Don’t give pressure on stomach and chest during sleep. Let your body to lie down on the back portion.

Source: Health Tips Portal