The Thyroid gland is a small and an important gland that is important for our well being. It is situated at the base of the neck and helps in secreting hormones that all tissues in our body needs to function properly. The Thyroid gland helps in performing the various functions in our body

  • It helps in regulating the calcium function along with the parathyroid gland
  • It stimulates the bowel movement in the body
  • It also affects the cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels in the body
  • It helps in stimulation of the brain
  • It helps to burn fat
  • Helps in controlling the internal thermostat of the body
  • Helps in communication with all other endocrine glands

There are various symptoms that you may face if your thyroid gland does not function properly. Here are some of the symptoms

A feeling of depression

People with thyroid problems experience a feeling of depression. They includes feeling depressed, a suicidal attitude, a feeling where you always would like to cry and suddenly laugh, and becoming sentimental at the smallest of things.


Severe thyroid problems can lead to constipation which may also result in hemorrhoids if not treated for a long time. People with constipation problems should have food that helps in easing constipation symptoms such as banana, honey, warm glass of lemon juice and a bowl of prunes every day.

Sleeping too much

Hypothyroidism may lead to a person becoming lethargic and lazy at times. This leads to sleeping all the time, feeling tired and weak and also not having any feeling of rejoice and joy.

Hair Loss and Dry skin

Hair Loss is known to be one of the most common symptoms for a person who has thyroid problems. This also results in formation of dandruff and dry skin as well as dry scalp that needs to be treated.

Sudden weight gain

A person with thyroid may experience sudden weight loss and weight gain at instances.

No Sexual Interest

People with thyroid also lose interest in sex as they always feel lazy and depressed.

Tightening of muscles

Feel your muscle suddenly tighten with pain when you have extreme thyroid problems.

Fluttering Heart

People with thyroid may also feel their heart skip a beat at certain times

Fuzzy head

Have you ever felt confused about certain things at one point of time? Thyroid is the reason for the same.

High Blood Pressure

Thyroid can also give rise to high blood pressure

Increased Appetite or Changes in Taste buds

Feel increased appetite or also loss of appetite when you are detected with thyroid problems.

Neck or Throat Discomfort

Thyroid may also lead to discomfort and pain in the neck at times

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