Spices have been always a part of our life but have never actually realized they are wonderful solutions to our common health problems. Most common spice, black pepper is a miracle for health. Everyone deserves to stay healthy and happy.

  1. Quench your thirst with pure water

If you’re away from aqua guards or mineral water bottle, and you’re thirsty for long hours. Boil water with two spoonful black pepper, strain it and drink it.

  1. Get your voice back!

Stop simply waving your hand because your want to say something and you can’t think as your suffering from hoarseness and sore throat. Mix black pepper powder in warm water, Gargle it for three times a day and the next day you can even shout at someone! Jokes apart!

  1. Cure gonorrhoea

Black pepper and chueb Piper (Piper cubeca), mix it in an equal amount and have it for three times a day. It helps gradually in the long run.

  1. Breathe easy!

A blocked nose is very annoying. Inhale black pepper powder very slowly and carefully. Let your nostrils feel the tingle. Yes! Your eyes will water for few minutes but in a due course blockage clears and headache will disappear soon.

  1. Soothe your burning stomach!

Dose yourself regularly with the mixture of honey, ghee and black pepper two times for one month. You will feel the change!

  1. Banish pimples!

Stubborn pimples are one of the causes to make you feel bad. Black pepper works magic on it. Make a paste with water and apply to it. You can now feel your face supple and pimple free. It will not even scare you with the marks of the acne.

  1. Get rid of hemicranias

Hemicranias cause excruciating pain, and it won’t let you be attentive in your work. The remedy to this is to apply a paste of black pepper in the eye opposite to the side of the pain. Instant relief from pain, yet not popping pills and having side effects.

  1. Bring temperature down to normal

Being sick and suffering from fever is the worst experience ever. Treat yourself with tea having black pepper and leaves of holy basil (Ocimum sanctum). Enjoy this tea and be energetic and normal. It is also effective in the case of hay fever.

  1. Stop stammering

Yes, you read it right, it can, literally stop you from stammering. Grind black pepper and almond without a coat in equal amount and remember you need to lick it. If you find it too spicy, you can add sugar candy. Consistency will give you better results.

  1. Gear up lazy buddies

Black pepper sugar candy and butter grind it all together! This weird recipe will help you to overcome mental fatigue. Have it in the morning regularly for one month and you won’t procrastinate ever.

  1. Babies don’t cry anymore!

Boil milk with black pepper until it reduces half of it. Let it come to room temperature and consume it when you suffer from colic pain generally, babies tend to suffer more from colic pain.

  1. Relieve calf muscle pain

Chew 4-5 seeds of black pepper while going to bed and the next day morning will be pain-free.

Stay spicy and stay healthy!