This is an awesome 2 week diet that provides you with efficient fat burning. In fact, it is so efficient that it prevents you from packing weight, at least 2 years ahead!

This diet is called the Copenhagen or the Danish Diet, which will drastically increase your metabolic activity, facilitating weight loss.

You’ll be gaining some weight after starting this diet for the first few days, so that’s something you should not worry out. Believe it or not, this diet is awesome at regulating your weight, allowing you to lose anywhere from 15 to 40 pounds.

This is a diet that seriously puts you into a caloric deficit. You’re only allowed a maximum intake of 600 calories per day, and a lot of your favorite foods will be banned in the process. Those include fruits, dairy, and whole grains.

You’ll be experiencing some cravings throughout the period of this diet, which is not something you should worry about. You’ll be a little low on vitamins and energy, which may make you disease prone.

Regardless, if you’re serious about weight loss, you’re going to have to push through the pain. You’re going to need to tolerate the problems coming up as you strive for the body you always dreamed of.

This means that you’re going to need a bunch of rules to aid you in your weight loss journey. Here are some of those below!

  • You must avoid sweet food, alcoholic drinks, and chewing gums.
  • If the diet is stopped, you’ll need to wait for ½ year to restart again. This applies always regardless of reason.
  • After the 2 weeks pass, you should wait for 2 years before restarting this diet again.
  • You can use beef, lamb, and salmon for supplementation, with 250 grams of chicken breasts.
  • You cannot use salt, but you can use oregano and garlic.
  • After the 2 weeks pass, have light food for the 1st 2 day before going back to your normal diet.
  • You shouldn’t exercise much with a low intake of calories.

This is the eating plan that you should follow: