Bread is undoubtedly on of the staple foods on a dining table-have you ever been to a home without any kind of bread? I surely won’t think so! Breads are versatile and nourishing, and healthy as well. Have you tried preparing your own bread? It’s cheaper, healthier, easy and super fun to do! Read on to find out what kinds of breads you can make at home. You’ll surely love them all!

French Breads

Versatile, sturdy and delicious, french breads can easily complement any kind of soup, salad or stew. It’s also the perfect bread to use for soup bread bowls and French toasts, as it does not crumble easily.

Sandwich Breads

Sandwich breads are easily done and will be ready in a few hours. Add on some eggs and butter for added flavor, texture and richness. Sandwich breads are great for some bun burgers and old-fashioned Sloppy Joes.

Rye Bread

Light and easy on the tummy, rye bread is also a delicious bread that’s sure to make you crave for more. Added buttermilk gives extra creaminess and flavor to each bite.

Potato Bread

Having trouble where to use your leftover mashed potatoes? Don’t fret-use them in making your very own potato bread! Ditch the powdered mashed potatoes that are so often used in making them and find a recipe that uses real mashed potatoes. It’s sure to be yummier than the usual!

Meat in a Loaf

Bread and meat rolled into one food, this will surely curb your hungry stomach and fill you with delightful goodness all the time. Great for a quick snack and great for serving to a number of people.

Sourdough Bread

Mildly sour but great-tasting as well, sourdough breads can be made easily by using a few ingredients. Water, salt, flour, and sourdough culter-then you’re all set to make yummy sourdough bread that’s sure to be enjoyed by your family.

Brazilian Cheese Bread

Petite little cheese rolls that are healthy for the stomach and are guaranteed free of gluten, these Brazilian Cheese Breads or Pao de Queijo will become your best bet. Good to eat on its own and can also be used as tiny burger buns for more flavor.

Gluten-Free Focaccia Bread

Healthy, grain-free and can be turned into a vegan food, Focaccia bread is a great tasting bread variety that’s sure to fill the tummies of those on a restricted gluten diet with no guilt included.

Other healthy, gluten-free breads you can try out: Gluten Free Wraps, Naan Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, to name a few. So what are you waiting for? If you can buy bread, then you can surely bake one for your family. Brush up on your skills and start making one of these delights soon. Happy baking!

Original Article Source: Common Sense Home