Christmas is coming up quickly, so if you’re looking to create some new decorations this season, you’ll want to get a head start!

Project materials can get pretty expensive, particularly if you’re looking to go all out with your decorating, using natural materials is the perfect way to keep the costs down.

Pine Cones, in particular, are abundant in many parts of the country, and when gathered in the fall and treated to remove any bugs, they’re the perfect way to decorate. If they don’t grow in your area, simply order some from Amazon here.

From unique wreaths to grace your front door to garlands and even tiny ornaments, we’ve gathered a variety of really neat projects that are sure to delight and amaze the guests at your home.

Each featured project is fairly simple to make, and many are kid-friendly, so the whole family can pitch in!We hope you’re inspired to get out this fall and start gathering pinecones for your winter decor!

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