Refrigerator may be great tool for the modern houses. There are many positive parts, but the users must know which foods should be kept in the machine and which are not. Some foods can’t hold its exact flavor and texture through the refrigeration. Compressing system affects the health of the food and spoiled it early.

  1. Exact taste and surface have been changed of tomato during refrigeration.
  2. Every people have to keep the honey in normal conditions so that it can’t be stiff and take the crystal shape quickly.
  3. If you keep Garlic in freezing system, then it can increase its shape.
  4. Coffee reduces the flavor by catching the scents from refrigerator surrounding.
  5. Uncovered bread can be spoiled. If you haven’t other option, then cover it with proper paper or plastic to enhance the life of your bread.
  6. While hot sauce can live perfect in cupboard or shelves for three years, then why bother the refrigerator’s space.
  7. Onion is being very rotten and soggy in the system.
  8. Fresh herbal products like Basil and others catch the scents of other foods of the refrigerator.
  9. Melons have considerable level of antioxidants that keeps the health well and freezing system reduces the level.
  10. Potatoes will lose its freshness, taste and become hard in the machine.
  11. Hard liquors increase its strength in room conditions more than freezing.
  12. The batteries would decrease its performance in too hot or cold conditions.
  13. Don’t keep nail polish in cooling machines.
  14. Olive oil would become butter in the freezing system. Therefore, keep it in pleasant temperature and dark space.