Borax is simply seen as a detergent for laundry, but not as an item with multiple uses. It has been used in homes for over a century, which means that there should have been a few innovations to maximize this item’s utility!

Borax is a mineral that occurs naturally in naturally in nature. It forms as a result of salt lake evaporation on a seasonal basis. The mineral contains sodium, boron, oxygen, and water.

It is a strong alkaline for a natural mineral, where its pH is at 9.3. This allows borax to be an effective cleaner, specifically of acidic stains. It is perfect for freshening, removing bad odors, and shiny cleaning. Considering that most water is at a pH between 6.5 and 8.5, adding detergents to water means increasing its alkalinity slightly. Water is usually too acidic or alkaline, which means that it is less effective at cleaning your clothes. When adding ½ a cup of borax when washing, you end up softening the water, while neutralizing the pH level more.

You’ll recognize borax by its green color. It is actually a much safer product to use than bleach. It can even be used in gardening too, where the specific uses will be mentioned on commercial borax product boxes!

  1. Removal of Clothes Stains

Ideally used best with oil, grease, and protein stains on clothing. You can also use it with clothes that have been discolored or soiled. This is done by throwing in ½ a cup of borax with warm water (1 gallon). Let the borax soak into the water for a 1/2 hour, before putting in any detergents or going through the regular wash cycle.

  1. Cleans Everything.

Similar to some powder cleaner products and Ajax, you can apply borax with sprinkles on some cloth for scrubbing. This is effective if you want to clean anything from kitchen sinks, to toilets, or even cookware and floor tiles. You should rinse the cleaned surface with water after finishing. It is also perfect for disinfecting toilet bowls, which you can apply and use with a scrub brush.

  1. Improves Dish Washing.

Dishwashers can sometimes be troublesome at cleaning difficult spots on plates and kitchen utensils. You can use borax for this purposes, where is can properly disinfect the kitchen items, in addition to the dishwasher itself! 1-2 cups should be sprinkled at the dishwasher’s base while adding some detergents, before operating the normal cycle.

  1. Odor Neutralization

Just like the product Febreze, this can be used to remove odors, similar to a deodorant. This can be done by adding ½ a cup of borax to 1.5 cups of warm water. Dissolve the borax to create the mixture, and then simply place it in a spray bottle.

You can add 5-10 drops of a fragrance you prefer to create a nice smelling deodorant!

  1. Deals With Garden Boron Deficiencies.

The growth of some plants in your garden may be stunted, where they may start to develop brown spots at the leaf’s tips. They may also not be blooming, even after weeks of rearing. The issues may be with your soil, where it may lack appropriate boron, vital for plant growth.

Plants that need boron include carrots, corn, apples, cabbage, and broccoli. Those all require boron for use.

You can spray boron in your garden by adding 5 tablespoons of it to 5 water galls. Dissolve the boron to create the mixture, before spraying them evenly across plants in your garden.

  1. Pest Eradication

Boron is deadly to insects, such as cockroaches, ants, beetles, and fleas. You can use a little borax for dusting around your home, or create a paste to bait insects into consumption (mixed with boron). You can mix borax with honey of sugar for this purpose.

  1. Rust Removal

You can combine lemon juice and borax to create a paste for rust removal. When applying the paste, you should allow it to settle for at least a ½ hour. Proceed to scrub with a brush after that. When done, proceed to clean the scrubbed surface with water.

  1. Drain Unclogging

You can clear clogged sinks by adding a ½ cup of borax down your drain, in addition to 2 boiling water cups. Allow to sit for 1.4 an hour, before flushing out using hot water.

  1. Shine Mirrors and windows.

To do this, mix 2 borax tablespoons with 3 warm water cups. Stir until dissolved. You can then put some of the mixture on a clean cloth for a window or sliding glass door wipes. A little elbow grease to shine and buff is also suitable.

  1. Kills Weeds

Add 1.25 cups of borax and 2.5 gallons of water together, and mix. Add the mixture to a weed sprayer. Carefully spray the leaves of the unwanted weds in your ward. Make sure you spray only the foliage, and not the soil itself.

  1. Eliminate Mildew and Black Mold

You can use a single borax cup mixed with a single water gallon for this. Apply through wiping or spraying the surface that needs to be treated. Scrub as thoroughly as possible. After finishing, you may not need to rinse away the mixture. Borax should stick around to continue the disinfection process, acting as a long-term treatment.

  1. Take Away Adhesive Residues

It could be a price sticker on a product you bought, or labels on a jar that you need to take off. For those purposes, simply use borax for the job. ½ a cup of borax and 0.25 cups of warm water should do the trick. This works for tar, gum, and glue.

  1. Deal with Carpet Spots

For steam cleaning your carpets, all you’ll need are a ½ cup of borax and 1 single gallon of hot water. If you have no steam cleaner, you can do a light sprinkle of borax on your carpets. Wait 30 minutes before vacuuming everything. If you’re dealing with stubborn spots, simply add ½ a cup of borax and 2 warm water cups. You can use cloth to thoroughly clean the stains.

  1. Keep Fresh Flowers Around

We mentioned previously that this product can help your plants grow. If you’re not planting fruits or vegetables, you can simply use borax for the maintenance of a beautiful garden!

You can ensure that your flowers don’t wilt and die away. For this, simply add borax to cornmeal, at a ratio of 1:2. You can sprinkle the cornmeal or the flowers, or pick your flowers and add to the mixture! This mixture should be stored in a dry and cool place for 2 weeks.

  1. Create High Quality Candle Wicks

You can use borax to create durable candle wicks that last longed, and release less smoke when burned. You can try and bathe strong twine into 2 borax tablespoons, and a single salt tablespoon, in addition to 1 boiling water cup. Allow for a 24 hour soak. Let the wicks hang for 2 before using.

Source: Natural Living Ideas