Good manners, commonly called proper etiquette, is something that any decent person can and should do. Being polite, or “nice”, is commonsense yet many people find good manners to be difficult to do. In truth, however, proper etiquette is easy and encompasses a wide range of areas, like proper vocabulary and good hygiene, which can help one succeed in life and in building health relationships with others.

Below are 16 important rules that everyone should know.

1. Staring at people is very rude.
2. If you’re strolling down the street with a friend, and your friend runs into someone they know, it’s proper to introduce yourself and say hello even if you don’t know them.
3. If you’re out to eat, don’t keep your smartphone or tablet in your hand. Place it in your purse, or pocket. If you’re constantly checking Instagram, the person you’re with may think you’re bored and get offended.
4. Don’t ask a woman out if your plan is to text someone else all night (same, goes for you ladies hanging out with your men).
5. You can eat sushi with hands. It doesn’t always have to be eaten with chopsticks.
6. It is not proper for a man to carry a woman’s bag, however carrying her coat into a cloakroom is perfectly fine.
7. If someone helps you with something, thank them! Even if it’s something simple like holding open a door, people like to know they’re appreciated and you don’t take their kindness for granted.
8. Phone calls are nice, but if you want to spend time with someone, make an effort to hang out with them in person.
9. Be aware that you might splash a pedestrian with water while driving and strive not to do it.
10. In general, at a concert hall, theater, or cinema you should make your way to your seat whilst face those already seated.
11. Don’t follow every fashion trend that’s in season. Some of them look outright ridiculous, which is probably not the look you’re going for. Develop your own person style.
12. If someone forgives you for a transgression after you’ve apologized, don’t repeat the same mistake twice.
13. There are nine no-go’s when it comes to small-talk: age, medical issues, gifts, family, wealth, affairs, religion, honor, and disgrace.
14. Genuinely “nice guys”, or polite men, have respect for women.
15. When you enter a room, greet everyone. No matter if you’re the president of the United States, or a garbage truck driver, you should be polite to everyone around you.
16. Talking over others and laughing too loudly is considered obnoxious behavior.

These rules should be applied depending on the situation you’re in, but you can never go wrong being polite in any situation. It might take a while to develop these good habits, but with patience they will be a great asset to your already awesome personality.

It’s never uncool to have good manners.

Source: Healthy Life Land