Bananas are one of the healthiest foods you could ever consume. They’re extremely tasty, due their natural sweetness. They’re also quite bright in color, having their own form of attraction. While they may be a bit more sugary than regular fruits, we’ll be presenting you a few reasons below on why you should adopt bananas as part of your diet.

  1. They lack fat and are free of cholesterol
  2. Theyhelp digestion
  3. It provides an energy boost before workouts, where you get a slow load of complex carbs in the process
  4. They replenish muscles fast, due to high potassium content
  5. They strengthen your bones
  6. High magnesium levels are present in bananas, improving your mood
  7. Bananas are cheap and healthy at the same time
  8. They aid in controlling your blood sugar levels
  9. It act as protection to heart problems
  10. It satisfies your sweet tooth without derailing you to unhealthy diets
  11. Bananas have an abundance of Vitamin C, improving your immunity
  12. Reduce muscle cramps, which are excellent for night-time workouts.
  13. They help with weight loss and reduce bodily sweating
  14. Bananas make you smart and more alert and focused
  15. Reduces morning nausea, especially if you’re pregnant
  16. Other nutrients in your diet are absorbed into your bloodstream much faster when bananas are included in the meal.

With all the benefits available, why not include bananas now?

Source: FitLife.TV