Many times you may get a mold infection, simply because you are not aware of it being in your house, Mold cannot be seen and cannot be smelled, it can also affect you in different ways.

Symptoms for mold infection can also be symptoms of many more problems. This is the reason many times, doctors are also not able to diagnose whether it is a mold infection or not at the first go. Also many of the traditional medicinal rules claim that getting exposed to mold is not at all a problem.

Symptoms that shows mold infection

  • Sinus issues, headache, breathe shortness, asthma tendency and cough.
  • Red eyes, light sensitivity and blurred vision.
  • Cramps in muscle, joint pain and feeling of getting arthritis.
  • Numbness and tremors at times.
  • Weakness and fatigue very soon.
  • Sweating at nights and not able to adjust with the temperature.
  • Loss of memory and static shocks.
  • Excessive thirst and increased urination.
  • Nerve pain, nausea, appetite issues and diarrhea.
  • Metallic taste.
  • Weight gain without reason.

As these symptoms can be easy symptoms for some other health issues too, hence it can be mistaken whether it is a mold infection or not. But since last 30 years, many of the health issues has been noticed due to mold.

Mold low-down

Molds are a mainly fungus that grows on filaments and reproduce in form of tiny spores that are not visible to you. Mainly the breed places of molds are damp, but at times they can be also available at dry locations if there are cases of leaks or poor ventilation.

If the ventilated of your bathroom is not airy enough, the mold can breed near the shower head that can easily get attached to your clothes. Similarly, they can transfer to other items such as books, shoes and even carpets.

In buildings that are damaged due to water, the mold can breed both due to the humid air and also due to dust. The molds produce mycotoxins that are a toxic chemic that mixes with the air quite fast.

In US, maximum of the houses are damaged with water, somewhere or the other and hence they are more prone to such mold attacks. Even many of such houses have already been attacked by the molds and thus many of the people may have mold infection. Such damage can be both in house as well as at your workplace.

Mold can cause a number of health issues such as biotoxin illness that is caused by the mold toxicity mixed in air. The illness is also known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome or CIRS. Richie Shoemaker wrote about 8 books on mold and he defines CIRS as an acute case of chronic problem that is caused by exposure to an environment that is damaged by water and is affected by toxigenic organisms.

He has also mentioned that about 24% of such people are not aware of the case that they are affected by the infection. They may think that they are having same water-damage illness that 95% of the people suffering from.

Are some people susceptible?

Shoemaker has described that about 24% of people are prone to mold toxicity because they have a gene called HLA_DR that reacts adversely in the body when comes in contact to mold. Also maximum times, people containing this gene only suffer from cases of mold infection and mold causing diseases. Thus, if you are not susceptible, it is your good luck that you may not have mold infection, but still it is always preventive to stay alert. Even if you are not prone so much to mold but still it may cause some bad impacts surely at some cases that you may not recognize.

People who are susceptible to mold may not recognize the toxins caused by the molds, and thus may inhale something that mixes easily in their body. This causes mainly inflammatory response that may lead to a number of symptom as mentioned above.

Mold infection is not just a simple allergy but a serious issue mainly a chronic inflammation. It starts affecting the immune system, and needs urgent attention. If you do not go for urgent medication, then the illness will get detoriate even more bringing you more illness.

Often the illness is triggered in the DNA, and hence the problem may leave its symptoms and infections to affect you for many years.

Definition of CIRS

As per many experts, diagnosis of CIRS should meet some of these criteria.

A genetic test can claim where you have the gene HLA or not that makes to susceptible to mold and various illness causes by biotoxin.

Many vascular and neuroimmune abnormalities also leads to diagnoses of CIRS. The abnormalities can be supported by the laboratory test soon.

Signs, symptoms and history that shows exposure to biotoxin is noticed. ERMI test will show results about exposure to mold toxicity and also such molds. Similarly, the test may show exposure in case of ciguatera, microcystin or others.

Abnormalities can be also tested and found with the help of VCS testing or the Visual Contrast Sensitivity test.

What should be your next step?

If you are facing such problems caused by mold, then there are these steps that you can follow.

Research more about various mold infection and mold causing illness. You can do this by reading more books on mold written by Dr. Shoemaker. You can also go through the website of the doctor.

Get your home tested by the method of ERMI to check availability of mold in your house. You can also hire an environmental expert who will inspect your house for places where molds can breed. Many people may go for ERMI self-testing method as it is cheap price wise. But it may not provide the accurate result always and there will remain a risk for mold. So, it is a better idea to for a test conducted by experts and to seek their advice.

Source: Just Naturally Healthy