This is a commonly used word among people who are searching for effective ways to shed weight. Unfortunately, it has been misunderstood many times. There have been occasions were people have assumed that metabolism is a major barrier against their success in losing weight. They believe that their bodies have a slower metabolism thus stimulating more storage of fats in the body. This is a wrong idea; your body’s metabolism can be controlled and influenced absolutely by you. There are many effective ways through which you enable your body’s metabolism to utilize more calories- this is essential to lose weight.

This is just the beginning of our unraveling the important role metabolism will play in your plan to become healthier by losing weight. It is important to clearly define what metabolism actually is.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism essentially refers to the means through which your digestive system processes every food or drink that we consume. These foods are processed by our bodies to extract the vital nutrients- this covers all the classes of nutrients. A good metabolic action will completely break down every form of food or drinks and utilize the nutrients to provide essential energy for use in the body.

The nutrients that are basically generated through metabolism are the basic ones we are familiar with- Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, all classes of vitamins etc.

There are two clear classifications for a metabolic activity in the body; they are the anabolic and catabolic actions. The anabolic actions during metabolism will break down the foods into their nutritional components while the catabolic actions are basically those processes that generate energy from the broken down foods previously consumed.

Both processes that are classified under metabolism- anabolic and catabolic processes end up producing the necessary energy we need to survive and go through our daily activities. This is an indication that we must ensure that our metabolic activities are not hindered by any circumstances to ensure we always have a steady supply of energy to do work.

A good metabolism will see to the complete breakdown of every food that is consumed. This means that there will be fewer chances of fats being stored as a large percentage of the consumed food will essentially be converted to energy. This energy will be used up with no negative impact to the body.

This ultimately places a healthy diet and a good metabolism at an equally level that influences the shedding of weight. The energy produced is vital for sustenance and good health; it is from this energy that other useful compounds like proteins and amino acids are made available in the body.

Another important point to note is the essence of eating a balanced diet. A balanced diet will supply the body with the vital nutrients in their right proportions to sustain a good metabolism. Your success is losing weight will become apparent when you can balance out your diet in a way that it will aid a good metabolism.

#1       The role of Nutrients

What are the benefits of Nutrients?

We should be focused on improving our health standards

Our bodies depend on what you take in to get the essential nutrients for proper functioning. As we grow older, the demands by our bodies will be different from what it was when we were younger; this is why the diet recommended for a teenager will be different from what is recommended for a middle aged individual. The basic idea is to consume foods in the right proportions that will provide the adequate amount of energy needed by the body to function properly.

Nutrients influence our weight

How our bodies utilize the nutrients it gets from consumed food will definitely influence any form of weight loss or weight gain experienced. Among the classes of nutrients, proteins have been identified as very important determinants that influence weight loss or gain. Consuming foods that will provide the right amounts of protein will facilitate loss of weight but a deficiency in protein can lead to weight gain.

Focus on your protein food sources

How proteins work to sustain weight loss is that they are not easily broken down in the body this means that a high protein meal will make you feel less hungry for longer periods thus reducing your overall food intake.

We should identify the hormones that control our feeling of hunger and those that make us feel less willing to eat. The ghrelin is a unique compound in the body that triggers the hunger pangs we feel. The hormones that act in an opposite fashion to the ghrelin are the peptides, cholecystokinin among others. They suppress your appetite making you feel less hungry.

In summary, you should eat foods that contain higher proportions of proteins, reduce your overall intake of unwanted calories and avoid eating late at night to prevent undue pressure on your digestive systems.

#2       It is a bad idea to skip breakfast

It is still amazing that some people believe that by skipping breakfast they can lose weight faster. This is a bad idea, breakfast is a very important meal and it has a positive influence on weight loss.

A typical breakfast should provide the body with at least 14 grams of protein and 80 calories daily. This nutrient content will ensure that your body gets the desired energy it needs to start the day strong and burn up adequate energy need to facilitate weight loss.

There are many breakfast options that are contain a perfect value in calories and these meals will fill you up keeping hunger away. It’s an absolute win for you because your body will get adequate nourishment from all the classes of nutrients and you will still lose the amount of weight that has been pegged as your weight loss goal.

The following tips will be useful in ensuring you take in the right amount of proteins with your breakfast.

Identify the foods that are rich in protein and include them in your breakfast diet.

Try to avoid the inclusion of grains in your meals

There is a wide range of healthy food that is rich in protein. Your options will include- eggs, meat, seafood, yoghurt and many others.

Our bodies will utilize more calories when it digests protein foods, a good way to influence your body to burn calories.

The importance of protein foods in losing weight is even more obvious at this point. The good part is that we eat foods rich in protein every day. This means that all you are expected to do is to identify the protein food that appeals to you most and include it in your wonderful daily breakfast meals.

There are other options you can use to plan the right meals for breakfast. You can engage the services of a professional nutritionist to get the perfect meals that will contain the foods you love most and still influence your body to shed weight.

For further investigation, you can perform a simple research to identify awesome menus that are high in protein and perfect for breakfast.

Source: The Hearty Soul