A 28 year old woman who was a mother lost her life to cervical cancer; as she ignored the symptoms. Amanda Booth is survived by her three children. She needed to have a test called vaginal smear and she avoided this for a long time.

She experienced profuse bleeding, that is when she learned of her cervical cancer. She underwent chemotherapy but that did not help at all. It was revealed that the cancer had developed a lot and spread all over the body.

The good news is that people can prevent this from happening to them. This is a lesson that you must never your body for granted. Consult a doctor if you feel that you need a checkup. You should take preventive measures rather than feeling sorry afterwards.

Symptoms of cervical cancer that should not be ignored

  • Too much bleeding
  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse
  • Very strong stench from vaginal area
  • Bleeding when not in the menstrual cycle
  • Pain in the vagina during sex
  • Pain while urinating