It can be a difficult task, cleaning up your diet after you’ve eaten unhealthy for weeks, months or years. Up until now, your lifelong habits and age have led to the current toxicity level in the body.


However, you can instill several healthy habits into your lifestyle that will reduce the amount of toxicity in your body and encourage you to continue the journey of a healthier life.

1 – Take Deep Breaths

As you increase the oxygen amount in your cells, your mind will clear and calm the body. This small change in your breathing actually increases the awareness in the body.  Having a present awareness connecting you to your breath and body will ensure that you stay linked to your body. And, this connection to your body ensures you make better, healthier choices – physical activity and food.


2 – Consume Healthy, Cleansing Foods

Make sure you consume foods that will cleanse your body of harmful toxins from unhealthy food choices, environment and stress such as leafy greens, cilantro, lemons, cucumbers and watermelon. These foods will work to cleanse the cells, colon and make you feel better overall.


3 – Consume More Water

Most people don’t even realize that they’re dehydrated. The human body is primarily made up of waters, and your tissues, cells and organs must be well-hydrated to function properly. How much water you should you drink? The amount of that will vary for each person. Divide your weight in pounds in half, which gives you the amount of water you need in ounces each day. Make sure you increase the amount of water you drink if you’re physically active.

Small changes can lead to bigger changes, and before you know what’s happened, you’ll feel better because you’re getting healthier.

If you’re going to get healthy, you need to make a sustainable lifestyle change. And, you must do it in a way that makes you feel proud of yourself for the accomplishments you have achieved. With this, you set the path to bigger, more permanent changes and it’ll encourage you to stay on this path.