Many people think that the only way to killer arms is to constantly pump weights at the gym. However, this isn’t exactly true. While a gym membership is a good motivator to work out, you can still get a good workout at home, including an arm workout. And, you don’t have to spend an hour or two, grunting or groaning to get it done.


However, PaceforSuccess founder Jasmine Graham has developed some of the best at-home arm workouts you can do that will ensure your arms will eventually become tone without the use of any weights.

In order to get the most from your workouts, you must do every movement for 60 seconds with a 20-second rest in between. One through the routine just once (five minutes total) and repeat to increase the strength.

4 Arm Toning Exercises That Can Be Done Without Any Weights

1 – Wall Push-ups

Wall push-ups are not the bodybuilder, you can’t feel your arms the next day type of push-ups.  Rather, these push-ups are extremely effective despite being simple. It not only tones your arms but your entire body too. When you take the extra strain of gravity off and put your attention on the triceps’ extension and contraction, the wall push-ups enable the most gain with minimal strain.

How do you do wall push-ups? Find yourself a sturdy but flat wall; standing six inches away and putting your hands shoulder width apart. Make sure the balls of your feet are placed right on the ground. You want your heels to be off the floor. As you move toward the wall, take a deep breath in. You want the glutes to be flexed. When you come up, exhale.

Special Note: If you find it difficult to take a full-step back, try several mini-steps instead, getting closer to the wall and working your way to the full-step back move.


2 – Floor Dips

If you want to tone your body, you should consider the floor dip. While elevated chair dips are good, they often become pelvic thrusts.  The reason is that most people are too high up and focus on their hips rather than their arms.  This exercise is great because they let you maintain the right form and target the arms.

How do you this exercise? Sit on the floor, knees bent with your fingers and feet facing forward. Think of the crab walk.  From this point, you need to tighten the core and glutes so that you raise yourself off the flour until you’re in the reverse table-top position. Use your arms to lower your body. This works your triceps, keeping your glutes and legs elevated and off the floor. Make sure you extend your arms to elevate yourself back to your tabletop position.

Special Note: If you’ve never done this workout before and lack control, it’s fine if you touch the floor.


3 – Half Circle Rotations

Remember those arm circles your gym teacher forced you to do? Well, those arm circles actually increased your strength. Due to the repetitive nature of the exercise, it’s easy to let your body lose control and start creating all kinds of shapes. Half circles are far better because your mind stays engaged and your attention stays on the exercise. When you change direction, it also works your deep tissue muscles.

How do you do this exercise? Make sure you hold your arms out to the side, standing shoulder-width apart. Your palms should face the floor, forward rotating your arms in a half circle with your thumb pointing toward the ground. Do this again, but go back to the original position.  You want your elbows to stay locked to increase the feelings the muscles gets from the workout and keep control over the exercise.

Special Note: Look at the motion as a slap back and forward.


4 – Weight Free Rows

You may think you need weights to do the rows in order for it to be effective.  However, if you make a fist with your hand, you effectively activate your muscles and get in a good workout.

How do you do this exercise? Make sure you slightly bend forward at the hip, keeping bent at the elbow at your side.  Make sure your arms are pulled back without bending the elbow. With this workouts, your biceps, triceps and back are targeted.

Special Note: You want to make sure the arms are kept close to get the most from the exercise.


So, when you’re ready to get the toned arms in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have any weights to do this, the above four exercises will ensure you get the arms you only dreamed was possible.