Lymph is a clear fluid that consists of white blood cells and waste products throughout the body. The lymphatic system is a network of nodes and vessels, valves that lie under the skin.

However, Lymph is one important method of body detoxification. It is a complex system. In one word, the lymphatic system is like a garbage truck that helps to pull junk away from your organs and the spaces between your cells and into the lymphatic channels, or highways. It means that cells are not attacked by waste.

Moreover, the lymphatic system has its own system and is not pumped by the heart nor moved automatically through smooth muscle action as in the digestive tract, lymph easily becomes slow and backed up.

If it happens, your body won’t be able to remove waste from your GI tract. It cannot reduce the digestive system of some of its toxic load. Slow lymph builds up as fluid accumulation throughout your body. It helps you to look chubby, but it is not due to fat. You may think, it is from fat, which is why, it is called lymphatic backup Fake Fat.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network