Girls with boobs look attractive and therefore modern girls try to focus on those exercises that lift their breasts, add glamour to their body. The following are some of the boob lifting exercises that are worth discussing.

Lying dumb bell and Triceps extension

In this exercise, the girls require to lie face up with their knees bent. They require holding 5 to 8 pound dumbbell in each of their hands, extending their arms up to the ceiling with their palms facing in. They need to hinge the arms at the elbows and then they should lower the dumbbells back towards their ears. While exercising, one should contract the triceps, extend the arms back up. They need to keep the upper-arms perpendicular to the floor with their elbows pointing straight towards the ceiling.  


In this process the exercising woman or the girl requires to lie face down with arms and legs fully extended. She needs to lift to arms, legs up towards the ceiling. The candidates are required to lower back to start and then repeat the process.

The TRX Back Row

This exercise requires the exercising woman to use the TRX suspension trainer to enhance the size of her boobs.

Stiff Leg Dead lift

In this boob enhancing exercise the woman requires to stand with their feet shoulder-width apart. She should stand with her knees bent, holding a 5 pound dumbbell in each of her hands. With the shoulders back and head up, she needs to inhale, push hips back, lowering her torso as she slides weights down her thighs. This motion needs to be reversed, that is from the back to the start.