For most women, motherhood is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Motherhood is something that many women strive for, and take a lot of pride. Yet on the other hand, the process of reaching that state of motherhood (pregnancy), can be quite painful for most women. It is seen as a painful chore that must be done.

The stress of pregnancy can actually be quite immense for women. This is the reason why pregnancy may be one of the most painful phases in a woman’s life. Regardless, this stress can be relieved, and men can aid a pregnant woman with that job.

A lot of women assume that sex is one of the most harmful things to be done during pregnancy. It is seen as something with horrible and damaging effects to a fetus. This is not true. In fact, it is one of the healthiest things you can do, since it stretches the muscles that will be stressed for delivery.

To convince you of the need for it, we’re going to present to you below a few reasons why pregnant women should have sex more.

  • To start off, it reduces blood pressure. Oxytocin, the hormone that is released during sex, provides relief from stress and tension. This allows the blood pressure to be within regular boundaries. Thus, having sex when pregnant will take care of your blood pressure, relaxing you, and reducing the risk of heart problems.
  • It makes you most comfortable at night time, and allows you to sleep better. All pregnant women like to go through such a process, where there is urination on a frequent basis, a lot of back pain, and also a lot of trouble finding the appropriate sleep position. This can be stressful for the fetus inside of you. Thus, having sex will relax and exhaust you, allowing you to fall asleep faster.
  • Sex during pregnancy also boosts intimacy between you and your partner. The hormones released during sex make a woman more empathetic towards herself and her child. It improves and strengthens the bond with your partner too, which also makes them more compassionate towards your pregnancy phase.
  • Sex is also perfect for reducing pain. When you have sex, the hormones released again will provide pain relief benefits. Additionally, sex may be more pleasurable and less painful due to extra lubrication during pregnancy. Lubrication occurs as a result of hormones, which are in abundance when you are pregnant.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes