When people wanted to lose weight, they usually spend hours and hours without eating anything. This is one of the most tiring methods of reducing belly fat. But there are varieties of different exercises that help to reduce fat and improve core muscles. If you chose to burn fat by not taking food, it is not good process.

Here are 4 exercises that can help you tone your midsection and burn fat at the same time.

Abdominal Twist


Abdominal twist is different from other types of exercises as it includes a twisting movement. This helps to activate the leanings as well as the abdominal muscles. This helps to improve your midsection will be toned just as well as your stomach and makes it a perfect exercise for preventing or getting rid of handles.

In order to do this exercise, you must lay on your back with your feet on the ground and your knees pointing upwards, the exact same as the beginning position of a crunch.

Bring your upper body up until the position comes to 45 degrees off to the ground. Now, twist your upper hand to your left, go back into the neutral position and then twist your upper body to your left. Go back into the neutral position, and then twist your body to the right. This is one option.

You can also do by lifting your legs  off the ground to further activate your abdominal muscles. You can make it easy by holding a dumbbell or any sort of heavy object in your hand while you perform the exercise.

Scale Pose


Yoga is one of the best types of exercises when you want to lose fat. The scale pose is one of the best poses when it comes to core resistance training. The scale pose is an isometric exercise, meaning that you are not contracting your muscles during the exercises; you are just holding the position. Researchers found that isometric exercises are correlated with lower levels of fat as they are more beneficial when it comes to toning and getting rid of belly fat.

How to perform this exercise:

Sit down in a crossed legged position and place your palms face-down on the floor beside your hips. Blow out and push your hands against the floor, bend your ab muscles and try to lift yourself off the floor.

If it becomes difficult to lift your entire body off the floor, just try to push against the floor until you feel resistance and hold that position.

Try holding this position for ten to fifteen seconds.

V Pose


This is another yoga exercise which helps to burn fat and stomach toning effects. You must sit down with your legs and extend them straight in front of you, in order to perform this exercise.

You can either grab of your big toes or anywhere on your calves. It will act as a stabilizer to help you in performing the exercise.

Lean, or use momentum to ‘rock’, backwards while at the same time flex your muscles until you resemble a V shape.

After getting to the V position, let your legs/toes and try to hold yourself in this position using your core muscles. It is very difficult, thus it is not recommended for beginners.

Hold for ten to fifteen seconds.

The Swan Dive


The Swan Dive is beneficial and underrated core exercise due to its focus on the posterior chain. The posterior chain is the group of muscles that make up the back of the body.

Your muscles are properly toned and strengthened are important for injury prevention and increases core strength. It makes your abs easier and safer to perform.

This is because most of the exercises involve use of the posterior chain. If your muscles are week, it makes posterior chain weak and doing exercises become more difficult for you. It will also result in an increased risk of injury.

How to perform this exercise:

Line of your stomach with your arms fully extended in front of you and your legs fully extended behind you. Lift your upper body, along with your arms, off the ground as much as possible.

Lift your legs off the ground as well, keep them straight the entire them. Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds.

The Routine

Start this by doing four sets of abdominal twists. Perform 5 repetitions for the first set, and then try to perform between 8-10 repetitions for the second and third set.

For the second and third set, you should do 8-10 reps and if you find them too hard, you can decrease or increase the amount of repetitions based on your preference. Try these exercises go all out and try to do as many repetitions as possible.

Try to only take a 30-45 second break in between sets.

The Scale pose, the V pose, and the swan dive, do not perform ‘repetitions’ as they are isometric exercises. You have to hold each pose for 10-15 seconds, and then take a break that is only 10 seconds longer than the amount of time you held the position.

For example, if you held the position for 10 seconds you take only a 20 second break. Do this four times for each exercise.

Source: Family Life Goals