According to medical experts, level of oestrogen reduces, with age in women, including the way how fat gets distributed to all parts of the body. The person may find it much more challenging to lose weight after crossing the 40 age mark. But with some tips and suggestions, it is very much possible for the smart woman to have a flat tummy even after 40! A trim waistline is sure to enhance the person’s health, overall looks and also have several health conditions to be eliminated.

Understanding some tips to have flat belly

Following the tips is likely to help anyone after they cross 40.

  • Setting the priorities correctly: The objective needs to be very clear, for the person to enjoy success. A flat stomach can definitely enhance self confidence and do away with few serious health conditions, while providing great motivation. Those, who are obese are said to suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and coronary artery disease. With a flat belly, the person can lead a much healthier life, beyond this age.
  • Eliminating stress: ‘Cortisol’ is a hormone that is released due to stress, leading to belly fat. Breathing exercises, meditation, and discussing with friends are few ways to relax, control the situation and calm down. Planning and organizing can assists to ensure last moment hiccups do not take place.
  • Upgrading exercise regimen: With age, women tend to lose muscle. For compensating its loss, it would be better to perform intense cardio exercises. There are present workouts that help to speed up heart rate for burning good number of calories. Also is necessary a proper exercise routine which is great for the mind and the body. Pilates and yoga are wonderful choices, as they help to enhance strength and flexibility of the person.
  • No Dieting: There are many people who are of the wrong opinion that starvation diets are effective enough to lose a good amount of weight after crossing 40. What the person needs to do is to make a healthier choice to derive those vital calories in the body. Belly fat is caused due to food that has high quantities of hydrogenated oil. Muscle tissue gets increased with food high with unsaturated fat. One can make use of canola oil or olive in small quantities for preparing food and to eliminated processed food from the diet altogether. Nuts, salads can make a huge difference to the abdomen.

Before undertaking any regimen, the person concerned should first visit a good and qualified physician to reach the objective safely.