Marijuana is a vegetable. Yes, let me repeat: marijuana is a vegetable. Vegetables are good for us, right?

There’s a reason proponents of marijuana always talk about its health benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants and anti-cancer compounds known as cannabidiols (CBD). It’s a superfood that’s super good for you.

Don’t Light Up Just Yet

Sadly, all the healthy stuff dissipates with the smoke and it blown away when heated (bummer, I know).  But you can still get the health benefits by juicing the raw marijuana plant. Heated up, the psychoactive compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol, THC) is released from the plant. That being said, getting high won’t give you the medicinal benefits of cannabis as the plant doesn’t need to be heated, and probably shouldn’t be.

Our bodies were designed with cannabinoid receptors, so consuming cannabis in some form can help normalize some systems, like the immune systems and cell communication. Consequently, these systems will be able to “talk” to each more effectively and help clean things up throughout your body.

Like A Good Relationship

In a good relationship both individuals will talk with each other to work out their differences and clean up the house.

Because our body was built with cannabinoid receptors and there are few ways to obtain cannabidiol, marijuana is the perfect medicine to keep our bodies working at its best (hey, Natives Americans didn’t smoke that stuff before meetings for no reason).  Unfortunately, this isn’t a popular opinion as you may already know.

CBDs get across the gap of neurotransmission in the central nervous system via creation of a  two-way system of  “talking” that does a beneficial “feedback loop” according to Dr. William Courtney, who is one of the founders of Cannabis International and is a well-known medical marijuana expert (yes, there’s such a thing). CBDs copy the body’s natural t communications system.

Juice It Up

Juicing marijuana is the way to go. You get all of the good stuff from the plant without getting high. That’s right, no, smoking, no getting high, so all you proponents of marijuana go get a juicer.

Juicing also means you’re ingesting more of the drug, which will make you feel better in the long run, because you’re getting most of the good stuff. And you don’t have to drink just cannabis; add fruits and vegetables to make a yummy drink you can add to your regular diet.

Smoking Actually Isn’t Good For You

Smoking promotes inflammation and that can cause you to get an infection, and can even mess up the communication “flow” in your body. Physicians do say that vaping is better than smoking, but will probably tell you that making cannabis edible is the best way to go. So from a medical standpoint, juicing a plant works the best.

Some Healthy Reasons To Juice Marijuana

Many doctors around the US are working to legalize marijuana, and for good reasons too. Incorporating edible cannabis into people’s normal diets can help alleviate a host of problems such as:

  1. Cancer Cells
  2. Cellular Dysfunction
  3. Autoimmune Disorders
  4. Chronic Inflammation

If you’re interested in marijuana for medical reasons, talk with a doctor, not a drug dealer. Marijuana so far is only legal in Alaska, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, but in 23 states is allowed for medical purposes.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living