Cold is considered to be a cold common ailment that people of every age tend to catch. But it can be very much irritating and also contagious for every around. It is through the infected person’s sneeze that viruses of this type get spread very fast among those who are uninfected. It is such cold causing viruses that affect badly the mucous membrane that lines the lungs, throat and the nose.


Some of the common symptoms noticed are blockage of the nasal passage or running nose, sore throat, frequent sneezes, mild fever, watery eyes and headache. The symptoms generally last for about 7 to 10 days and are destroyed generally by the body’s natural immunity power.

However, instant relief is very much necessary for the patients suffering from cold, something that can be derived from having appropriate home remedies.

Effective home remedies

  • Using salt water: This is considered to be an ancient home remedy to treat cold and cough. One should gargle using salty water, for breaking down congested mucus present in throat, to bring about soothing effect. Also, salt water could be used as nasal spray, where the affected person is to inhale some lukewarm water that is mixed with salt, for clearing respiratory passage blockage.
  • Consuming chicken soup: Shredded checking when used to prepared chicken soup are said to contain plenty of carbohydrates, vitamins and protein. It needs to be added along with vegetables or noodles and broth. The nutrients together help the body to derive energy and have the soup to act as powerful fluid to think out virus infected mucous.
  • Drinking lots of fluids: People suffering from cold are to drink plenty of fluids in the form of fruit juices, water and beneficial broths. Viruses are flushed out of body. Hence, fluids are to be taken every two hour interval for obtaining the very best results to cure cold. One can also have Chamomile tea and Green tea that are excellent to treat cold, because they have antioxidant properties in them.
  • Intake of Vitamin C: It is regarded to be a vital nutrient, which helps the body effectively to cure cold symptoms. This is done by stopping virus multiplication in body cells, while increasing while blood cell numbers, to enhance the body’s immunity power. One should consume plenty of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, strawberries, tomatoes, peaches,, etc. as well as vegetables like parsley, broccoli and cauliflower as they contain plenty of Vitamin C.

Knowing the different natural home remedies can help the person to get relief of cold, without having to depend upon medicines.

Foto: wikiHow