Red blood cells as well as white blood cells play an imperative role in the overall health as well as vitality of the human body. Both play their own important part in the body and both are important for the body. This article would give ways on how to increase the number of white blood cells in the body.

Why White blood cells are important

White blood cells are important for fighting various kinds of infections as well as bacteria that are bad for the health. These white blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and are used as an immunity to protect the body from harmful substances. Our immune system is basically weakening with time and consumption of processed food, poor detary intake and choice of lifestyle and this also affects the count of the white blood cell as well.

What is the regular count of white blood cells?

Around 3,500-10,000 white blood cells per micro liter of blood is considered normal, but anything below that may invite danger. White blood cells need to be increased as they are important for supporting the body and its immunity. Now what actually affects the count of white blood cells and how can we avoid lowering the same.

Low blood cell count

There are a variety of factors that cause low blood cell count. They are as follows


Certain medications as well as antibiotics and diuretics can lower the white blood cell count by certain amounts. Antibiotics kill all healthy gut floras that keep resistance strong and healthy.


Infections like HIV aids, infectious diseases as well as auto immune disorders and bacteria can help in reducing the white blood count in the body. This can also weaken the immune system and consume white blood cells in order to keep your fit and healthy. Immunity is very important after any kind of infection. This also comprises of parasitic infections

Nutritional Deficiencies

In case you lack in certain vitamins and minerals that are required for production of white blood cells then the white blood cells may suffer. The white blood cell count can also differ due to nutritionally deficient dietary choices

Cancer treatments

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy as well as radio therapy can kill white blood cells very quickly. It is important that strong cancer treatments are not carried on for a long time of it may result in reduction of white blood cells

How can white blood cell count be improved?

White blood cells can be improved in a variety of ways. Zinc is an important mineral that helps in increasing count of white blood cells. You can get zinc in your diet from food such as spinach, wheat germs as well as zinc supplements. Selenium is also an important compound that can help in increase of white blood cells in the body. You can also consume Vitamin B 9 or folic acid that is required to produce white blood cells. Have food such as citrus fruits, broccoli, and spinach and collard greens. Garlic is also used to increase the total white blood cell count.

Consumption of more vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, sprouts and organic products help in increase of white blood cells in the body. You should avoid food like white bread and sugar for leading a healthy and fit life.

Source: Healthy Wild & Free