You eat food so that you can get different nutrients from it that is helpful for your body. But there can be a number of times when your body is not able to absorb the right amount of nutrients from the food that you are consuming.

It is said that eating healthy and balanced diet can keep you fit and healthy. It is also said that to stay protected from the polluted food items, it is important to depend upon the organic food. But there can be a number of people who are very much in organic food but still are not able to absorb the right amount of nutrients from the food and hence they face a number of problems in life. They might be facing various health issues such as pains, belly fat, and some many of the major diseases also. Nutrients enter and exit your body, and in between it gets absorbed. But if your body is not properly absorbing it, then it is a matter of concern.

Firstly it is important to know about how much amount of nutrients from the food is absorbed by your body. This can be explained well with the help of an example.

1 cup spinach is rich in 24 mg magnesium if a normal and healthy person consumes it, the rate of absorption should be somewhere around 90%. This level keeps on getting down to 10% depending upon the absorption condition of an individual. Thus, the amount of food remains the same; it only depends on the individuals about how much nutrients will be absorbed by their body.

But if seen closely there can be a number of other factors that affects the absorption of nutrients. Some of the common factors are quality of the food, conditions in which the food has been grown and many others. But there can be other conditions too such as the condition of the digestive system, the time you are eating and others. These factors will be discussed at present.

Among various factors, here are discussed four ways that impacts the absorption of nutrients from food by the body.

1. Eating More of Healthy Fats

One of the main ways is by consuming more of healthy fats such as avocado, olive, nuts and similar other food items. If these healthy fats are consumed in combination of vegetables, the body is able to absorb the nutrients from the food in a higher level. One example says that coconut oil has more capability of absorbing carotenoid than sunflower oil as coconut oil contains fatty acids. It is said that coconut oil is one of the best sources of healthy fats.

2. Consuming More of Raw Food

Many of us know this but still we prefer to have the cooked items rather the raw food items. You need to know this that the raw food items have higher number of nutrients and enzymes in them. These enzymes and nutrients reduce down when they are cooked. There can be a number of ways how raw items can be consumed. They can be consumed in the form of salad, juice and if nothing works, then you can make a smoothie out of it. Of course there are some exceptions such as tomatoes that offer you nutrients and antioxidants more when they are cooked. Similarly, there are many more such food items that are nutritional after they have been cooked. You need to research well and know about food items like tomatoes that offer nutrients after cooking and also about items like spinach that loses its nutrients after it is cooked.

3. Include Black Pepper in Your Diet

Black pepper is in this lost because of its compound pipeline that is helps in making the body absorb nutrients almost 25% better than before. Also consuming black pepper is easy. You can sprinkle black pepper on your salad; any cooked dishes, and can eat it. The black pepper not only offers you great health but also gives flavor to your taste buds. The spice helps in passing the food trough the intestines much faster and also helps in keeping healthy the pancreas and the digestive enzymes. It is also studied and found that when black pepper is taken with turmeric, then the chances of absorbing the cur cumin of turmeric increase by almost 150% in case of animals such as rats. So think how much the absorption level must increase in humans with this combination.

4. Involving Biotic in Diet

Whenever you get sick and go to the doctor, many of the times, the doctor prescribes you with antibiotics. Have you thought why? This is because the biotic are substances that makes your gut healthy and in result also helps in making other parts of your system healthy too. There are two types of biotic and these are prebiotics and probiotics. Both of them are available in some specific food items. The biotic increases the number of good bacteria in the gut that accelerates the digestion system in the body and thus also increases the absorption system. Symbiotic is the combination of both prebiotics and probiotics and are of course very much essential for the body.

Some of the food items that are rich in prebiotics are bananas, dandelion greens, artichoke, raw garlic, asparagus, onions and leeks. All of these are good in keeping your gut healthy and increasing the level of absorption in the body. Some food items that are rich in probiotics are kinship and sauerkraut. Also some drinks such as water kefir or kombucha are also rich in probiotics.

Thus, it is quite easy to increase the absorption of nutrients from your regular food items in your body. The only changes that you need to make are to include some of these above mentioned food items. Healthy fats such as coconut oil, black pepper, biotics and others are essential for your body so that maximum amount of nutrients from healthy food items can be absorbed. Also it is important to know which food item has how much nutrients in it. It is important to know that cooking which food can lose its nutrients, while in which food items, cooking can increase the nutrient values.

Buy including these simple remedies in your daily diet and in your daily lifestyle you can easily see the difference in you after some days. Better absorption of nutrients of course leads to a healthy body that is free from diseases and is fit. Sometimes just eating a healthy diet or exercising does not work. You may also need to include some healthy habits such as mentioned to get a better life.

Source: Healthy Wild & Free