If your body cannot even absorb the nutrients, then you are not healthy. Why would your body not be able to absorb nutrients?

Nutrients are necessary for life, proper organ function, energy, endocrine function, and so many other functions in the body. Even though, you take plenty of organic foods, nutrients, rich supplements, you will face problems without proper food.

You will suffer aches, pains, excess belly fat, and headaches, whatever it may be. Nutrients can pass through your entire body and out of your body, not all of them are absorbed. If your body faces difficulty in absorbing nutrients, it is very important to focus on absorption of nutrients to the body first and foremost.

How much of the nutrients in any given food is actually absorbed by your body? Let’s use an example.

1 cup of spinach contains about 24mg of magnesium. Do you know, how much of this magnesium is absorbed? How can you increase that absorption rate?

The body absorbs anywhere between 10-90% of the nutrients in any given food! If you enjoy only 20% of magnesium, when you could be absorbing 50 or 60% of that magnesium, you should benefit from the same food, same price and so on.

The topic of nutrient absorption is vast and is complex. It can be included into many different factors and co-factors such as the quality of the food, when it was grown, the conditions it was grown in etc. You can control digestive conditions and guts, the time of day you eat and your combination of food with raw or cooked.

Many factors can influence your body and its ability to absorb nutrients. Let us talk about three ways that have been proven to increase bioavailability and absorption of nutrients in the body.

4 Ways To Get More Nutrients From Your Healthy Food 

  1. Integrate And Eat More Healthy Fats: 

You can obtain healthy fats by consuming foods such as nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut and hemp oil. Your body can absorb nutrients when healthy fats and vegetables paired with vegetables. A study says that coconut oil improves carotenoid absorption better than safflower oil.

Scientits say that this happens due to the rich source of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) in coconut oil. It is the richest source of MCFA’s and is believed to be one of the best health fat and absorption things you can add to your food.

  1. Eat Raw Food More Than Cooked Food In Most Cases

Live enzymes and nutrients contain in the raw food and nutrients will be reduced when cooked. For better absorption of nutrients, eat raw whole foods. Consume a salad, a smoothie, a green juice etc. Tomatoes give your body lycopene, an antioxidant when they are cooked. There are some foods that have nutrients when cooked. You can do research on these foods.

Spinach also makes that list because of an antinutrient it contains known as oxalic acid. This antinutrient will be reduced when they are available.

3. Include Black Pepper in Your Diet: 

Black pepper is a magical spice! It consists of a medicinal compound known as piperine that helps the body absorb nutrients up to 25% better and more efficient. Adding a little black pepper to your next salad or cooked fish is a simple and easy way to allow the body to better utilize the nutrients in the food.

Black pepper helps the digestive enzymes in the pancreas as well as to reduce gastrointestinal food transit time, which means that the food travels through the intestinal tract quicker.

A study says that black pepper when take with turmeric have higher benefits. In this case piperine (the active compound in black pepper) with curcumin(the active medicinal compound in turmeric) was taken, curcumin absorption increased 154% in animal studies with rats.

A 2,000% increase in absorption! Black pepper is a spice to include in your diet more often.

4. Get Prebiotics & Probiotics in Your Diet: 

The word ‘biotic’ literally mean ‘life’. So, antibiotic means anti-life, , prebiotics and probiotics are pre-cursors (prebiotic) and pro-life (probiotic) substances that influence gut health and also other areas of health as well.

Foods that contain prebitoics include bananas, arthichoke, dandelion greens, raw garlic, raw leeks, raw onion and raw asparagus. These foods help to get the gut healthy and produce good bacteria that improve digestion.

On the other hand, probiotic foods contain these beneficial microbes. You can take or you can get them in your diet from foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. Drinks like kombucha and water kefir also contain probiotics as well.

You can increase the absorption of the nutrients by simply adding black pepper, healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocado, drinking or eating probiotics. If you use them in your diet, they can make your life more incremental over time.

Source: Healthy Wild & Free