There is almost no household in which the fridge is not hiding at least one jar of pickles. While the salad of fresh vegetables side dish number one, these acidic treats certainly should be found in your menu. Here’s why


Nutritional Benefits
Pickles contain a large amount of water, protein, very little fat and dietary fiber. Also, the acidic snacks are rich source of minerals, including iron and potassium, sodium and phosphorus. They also include vitamins such as vitamin C, A, B-6, B-12, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin.

All of these nutritional values so this simply prepared vegetables seems very healthy and beneficial for our body.

1. Powerful antioxidant – protecting the body from free radicals – unstable chemicals that damage cells in our body.

2. Great probiotic – balancing digestion and speed up the creation of good bacteria that are a key part of our healthy digestion.

3. They protect the liver – in addition to improving digestion, pickles also protect the liver and they helps to filter toxins from the body.

4. They prevent the formation of ulcers in the stomach
An ulcer is a wound on the inner wall of the stomach and damage the membrane caused by acids. Pickles protect the stomach and prevent the formation of ulcers.

5. Protection from diabetes
The survey showed that pickles stabilize the level of hemoglobin – the protein in red blood cells that carry oxygen. The acidity of the cucumbers helps to control diabetes.