The summer is arriving and temperatures are higher and our desire is growing for perfectly sculptured body. But while regular exercise and healthy eating, the results are not visible.

Here’s why you are facing with this problem:

1. Excuses like “I spent an hour in the gym, now i can eat pizza for dinner.”

Completely false. If you seriously think about weight loss, you should first think about your diet. There are many people who spend hours in the gym just to be able without remorse to eat fast food without knowing that proper exercise is necessary and proper nutrition. Otherwise, it was all in vain efforts and energy.


2. Constantly doing long series cardio exercises, with moderate rhythm

If you want visible results, it is time to change the exercises. If your body gets used to one and the same training, they will have no effect. Start training consisted of exercises with low and high intensity, alternating with occasional breaks. Such training is more difficult, but at least you will notice positive changes in the body.


3. You are following strange trends for weight loss

First, chances are that you will stay hungry and unhappy. Secondly, you will complicate your life, and that you don’t need that. Rather than follow the capricious Fame stars, select healthy and natural food. That means low-fat meat, fruits and vegetables.


4. You are skipping the breakfast

Although everyone knows that the breakfast is most important, they are avoid him. If you don’t do breakfast, the chances of overeating during the day are much bigger and that’s a fact. You do not have to prepare breakfast, it is enough to take some fruit or oatmeal.


5. Yo-yo effect

You had a super week that adhere to all the rules and practiced hard, but then came the weekend perfect for breaking rules. Eat beza food and comforting as you running out Monday in the gym. This is the last but the worst decision you make in life. That is, it is the famous yo-yo effect that revisit kilograms.

Instead, try the 20-80 rule, meaning 80% of the time to eat healthy, and those 20% time for the pleasures that you want to afford. It is a very good way to avoid overeating.