Workload, constant stress and anxiety of the day can result into a lot of sleepless nights in the 21st century. What one needs is a relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep so that one can work efficiently and give their 100% the next day. Certain plants in nature are known to secrete enzymes, which have a calming effect on the body and mind which will in turn, help you sleep better at night. Here are some plants that will definitely aid a good night’s sleep –

  1. Jasmine – The scents and aroma secreted by the Jasmine plant is known to reduce anxiety and stress levels and thereby induce a calming sensation of the mind and body. If the quality of sleep is improved, it will directly alter your performance the next day for the better.
  2. Lavender – The calming effects of Lavender have been reported very successful. This exotic plant can bring down heart rate as well as blood pressure levels. In cranky babies, Lavender induces calm and helps develop a better mother and child bond. So overall, Lavender really helps reducing the stress levels so that the individual can feel relaxed as a whole.
  3. Aloe Vera – A great quality of this Egyptian plant is that it gives out oxygen during the night and hence results in a restful slumber. The Aloe plant is very easy to grow and barely any maintenance required for its survival. It can be watered once a week and it helps to combat minor skin ailments and allergies as well.
  4. Lily – This plant is reported to give out moistures which help to enhance the humidity of the surrounding area. It also filters the air by removing airborne viruses and therefore cutting down on allergies or irritating nasal secretions. It needs a shady place and weekly watering to help it grow nicely.
  5. Bamboo palm – It is a natural air freshener which rids your room’s air of viruses and toxins. You don’t need an air filter if you are planting one of these in your bedroom. Fresh and clean air promotes better sleeping habits and it will definitely improve your productivity and alertness the next day.

Plants have been used since very olden times in order to enhance sleeping habits in the general public but with the increasing amount of stress and tension levels in people’s lives, it seriously serves its purposes very well.

Foto: Wattalyf