Before we find out how to solve the problem with acne, read the top 5 most common reasons why acne keeps coming back. Maybe your problem is right here!

Just when you think you have solve them forever, they returned. And no, we’re not talking about the previous. This time, acne are a bigger problem.

When you least expect them, out of nowhere they appear. So why is our skin so capricious and unreliable? On this issue, unfortunately, there are a few dozen responses.

But we will expose some of the most common reasons why acne keeps coming back.

Here are five common mistakes why acne are bothering you:

You are not persistent

You probably know this, but when you stop using a product it ceases to act. Of course you will not continue treatments on acne when you get rid of them, but skipping routine facial can be disastrous for your skin. Perseverance is the most important in the fight against acne and facial cleanser should always be the first step of your regime. Never go to bed with makeup on your face!

Bad diet

By now you’ve probably already realized that beautiful, radiant skin comes from inside. It’s very simple: what you enter in yourself, others see it on your skin. You can use all the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals of the world, but if your body is full of processed foods – all this “junk” must somehow find a way out of your body. Frequently, the pores. Although poor, greasy and sweet food is not the worst for your complexion – dairy products encourage the formation of acne and clogged pores.

You don’t change the bedding often enough

Some studies have shown that on our pillowcases can be found almost equal to the amount of bacteria as well as on our toilet seat. Okay, we said – almost. Overnight the skin is recovering and discarding dead cells and releases the oil. Therefore, no matter how much your face is clean at night, if you regularly do not change the pillow, you are putting your clean face on the pillow full of bacteria. Experts advise to be changed pillowcase every other night, and a towel for your face every day.

You forget to hydrate skin

Hydration is the key to healthy skin. Always – regardless of the condition of your skin. Choose a cream adapted to your skin type that you regularly place every night and every morning. Serums and gels for the face are certainly less important in skincare because it is the moisturizer which makes the skin of the face healthy.

Peeling faces are not working properly

On the market there are countless peels, even devices for peeling. But that does not mean they work peeling in the true sense of the word. Daily, the skin drops to a thousand dead cells, but if they are not quality removed from the surface, the dead layer of skin just stay on your face and creates acne. You should regularly exfoliate the face (once or twice a week) to prevent the sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells settling in your pores.