And you thought you can’t eat the good stuff while dieting?

You are absolutely wrong. There are many fruits out there that work miraculously on your body. Whether you have fats stored in your thighs or settled under the layers of your belly, you can kick them off with the help of fruits.

But not all fruits can be eaten with the purpose of weight loss. For an instance, bananas make you put on weight, rather than helping you in maintaining it. If you want to lose weight, following are the top five fruits for the same:

  • Papaya – It doesn’t matter if you like this fruit or not; if you want to lose weight, papaya is the key for you! With the help of this fruit, you get rid of your digestion problems. When you have a clean tummy, you are able to lose weight in a much efficient manner.
  • Watermelon – If you have a low water level, which is needed to cut your fats, welcome watermelon into your body. Two bowls of watermelon pieces, one before breakfast and one before dinner, can help you lose weight in a few weeks itself. If you start with the consumption of this fruit, erase deep fried foodstuffs from your lunch and/or dinner and see the difference in your weight in about three weeks.
  • Oranges – Rather than scrubbing your face with orange face scrubs or applying creams that contain this fruit, it is better if you heal yourself internally by consuming it. The best thing about oranges is that it is juicy and tasty; unless you are someone who has a thing against tangy fruits, orange is surely the fruit for you to lose weight.
  • Apples – Try this simple experiment – take a huge vessel or jug of water; now put an apple in the water. You would notice that the apple does not settle down; instead, it floats on the surface of the water. Since apples are so light in weight, they help in improving your metabolism and kick off the extra fats that your body has.
  • Muskmelon – Who can dislike this juicy fruit? It is, at times, as sweet as sugar syrup and the ones, who adore juicy fruits, love Have a bowl of muskmelon before breakfast and see how wonderfully you lose weight, without doing a lot of exercises every day. If you have muskmelon on a regular basis, you don’t have to take a lot of physical strain by over-exercising.