Though feet are away from the heart, it can impact the health in different ways.

Feet are first to age, in the body, when the body is unhealthy. It can even have effect on the general well-being.

Improper circulation of blood vessels can damage the feet. One should never be surprised if everything goes wrong with the feet, if the complexity, and the amount of work is considered. Standing, walking, running can damage the feet.

With increase of age, the feet shape can change and can even experience fallen arches of feet of flat. The condition is often called osteoarthritis, an illness, which is caused with age. Other issues may include cracked heels, hard nails, corns, ulcers, which can be developed, if care is not taken to the feet. Taking care of the feet can be a daily ritual, and it can be done at home, with very less or no cost, at all. You should be aware of the condition of the feet, and it can help you to heel your foot and maintain in the long run.

5 Suggestions to care for the foot:


Yoga is good for entire body, and can help one person in strengthening the muscles. Foot yoga are those, which include those, where you have to spread the toes, and the distribution of the weight across the foot.


Soaking your foot can be helpful at the end of the day. It can eradicate the bacteria build up on the foot. If you soak your foot daily in a foot spa, it may stop a damage, which might be going in your feet and body. It can also give you a physical relief.

Walking barefoot

It is good to go close to the earth, and walking barefoot can be great. If you walk barefoot on soil or grass, and sand even, it can be great for your foot and health as well.


Having a foot massage can be great. Reflexology massage for the foot has a number of good sides and can remove pain, or any kind of discomfort. It can improve circulation of blood and soften the skin with some good massage oil or some cream.

Kind shoes

Walking with shoes of fashion can abuse the feet. You should wear shoes of proper size, and you should give proper support, which is dependent on the activity, one is doing. It can be helpful to take care of the feet and get the best health, as well as health of your feet.

Source: Dr Green Body