There are two blood cells in the human body that can carry on various functions for keeping you healthy and happy. Red blood cells help in formation of blood while white blood cells help to fight bacteria and virus in the body. Both red and white blood cells play different roles in the body.

What do red blood cells help in?

Red blood cells help in carrying oxygen to the various parts of the human body. Oxygen is known to be the most important nutrient for the body without which the body cannot survive. A person cannot survive without oxygen. Oxygen plays an important role in the body by helping to support cell metabolism as well as respiration. A body needs to have healthy red blood cells in order to prevent cancer. Haemoglobin, which is present in blood, helps to carry oxygen from the lungs through the entire body. It is also responsible for removing the carbon dioxide through the lungs

What makes red blood cells important?

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the entire body, and help to keep the lungs healthy. It helps to maintain the Ph. balance of the body. It is important for the functioning of brain and also helps smooth functioning of the cardio vascular functions of the body. It helps in improving the digestive function of the body. Proper respiration helps in preventing cancer in the body.

Ways to boost red blood cell health

There are various ways in which red blood cells count can be increased in the body. Here are some ways

Eat foods filled with iron

The best way is by consuming food that is rich in Iron. Blood cells require great amount of iron to survive. Foods that comprise of iron are dark leafy green vegetables, raisins, apricots, peas, beans and other foods.

Foods filled with Vitamin E

Consume more Vitamin E for increase of red blood cells. Vitamin E is mainly found in foods like dark green vegetables, mango, avocado, nuts and seeds. Vitamin e is needed for healthy red blood cells.

Sources of Vitamin B2

Apart from Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 is also a good source of vitamin for RBC. Almonds, mushrooms and sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B2.Vitamin B3 and B 12 are also important sources of vitamins that are found in Peanuts, mushrooms, green peas, sunflower seeds, avocado, meat, eggs, milk and cheese.

Have these foods that are enriched in nutrients for a healthy and fit life ahead and for the prevention of cancer as well.

Source: Healthy Wild & Free