Ajwain has always been known to be a perfect ayurvedic medicine for improving digestion, curing flatulence, removing acidity as well as stomach aches caused by indigestion. Now what is it that helps to remove all these? Ajwain comprises of a compound known as Thymol that stimulates the stomach and helps to release gastric juices which in turn helps to maintain the pH balance of the stomach. Ajwain is known to be an ideal cure for all kind of stomach infections and diseases without any kind of side effects.

Ajwain can be consumed raw or can also be mixed with food and eaten. If you are suffering from terrible pain in the stomach, a handful of ajwain seeds will do the trick. Take some Ajwain seeds and chew it properly and gulp it down with a glass full of water. You would feel relieved in just a matter of few seconds.

Another way to have Ajwain is by boiling it in water and then cooling the water and drinking the water on an empty stomach. It helps reduce flatulence and gases formed in the stomach.

You can also have Ajwain seeds by wrapping it in betel seeds and placing it in the back of your mouth. Keep sucking and swallow the juice. This also helps to improve digestion by stimulating the salivary glands to release digestive enzymes.

Ajwain seeds can be mixed with Ginger and consumed with some black salt. It is effective as well as delicious as well. Toast a cup of Ajwain seeds till their color changes to brown, tie in a cotton cloth, and place the pouch in the areas where it is paining. You would be surprise to see that it works miraculously!

Article Source: The Health Site

Image Source: Manddo