If you want to do something really beneficial for your health, make this marvelous elixir. It’s easy, cheap and efficient, and does wonders…


One herbalist from monasteries in Tibet, in 1972 found more than 5,000 years old recipe.
The main ingredient of this very strong tincture is garlic.

This powerful tincture takes about 350 grams of cleaned and mashed garlic (recommended to get domestic, which is organically grown) and 200 to 250 milliliters of 95-percentage alcohol. It is very important that alcohol does not contain methanol or benzalkonium chloride.

Mix the ingredients and put them in a jar with a lid. After ten days strain the mixture, then pour the liquid back into the jar and store it in the fridge for two days. According to the instruction of the picture, add the drops in water or a glass of milk every day before meals.

Garlich Therapy Chart

Cure should last 12 days and is conducted once every five years, and this wondrous elixir will cure: sinusitis, atherosclerosis, lung disease, impotence, high blood pressure, problems with vision and hearing, arthritis and rheumatism, gastritis, hemorrhoids and regulates body weight by speeding up the metabolism.

Foto: Profimedia