Reasons Why Processed Meat can be termed as an Early Death Sentence

In todays fast moving world where everyone is too busy to even cook their food, people are assorting to processed and packaged meat products for various causes- Whether it is giving lunch to your child in school, packing your own tiffin or also gulping some fried chicken nuggets when you are really hungry. But did you know that harm that these meat products can cause you?

Our world of processed meat

Our world is full of processed meat. Nowadays you can find processed meat in every junk food shop that you step into. They can be classified into a variety of food recipes. Processed meat is in great demand compared to 50 years ago and the main cause behind the same is that people do not want to cook at home. Most of the restaurants use processed meat in their food recipes.

Why is processed meat bad for health?

Processed meat is not freshly cut meat. They are meat that has been cut a long time back and also have been imbibed with different kind of chemicals, preservatives and antibiotics as well as steroids and fillers that are required to dilute the pieces of meat and also cheapen the price by a great amount. Have you ever wondered how meat becomes so cheap?

The secret of processed meat

The meat is processed to such an extent that it becomes profitable. The meat is processed, packaged, shipped and then served to customers but by the time it reaches you there is no meat actually left in the product. Processed meat can be found in various supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, as well as places that serve meat. Processed meat has a number of health risks that include cancer, heart attacks and strokes, higher rate of bad cholesterols, and many other diseases.

Preserved with chemicals

Processed meat is preserved with chemicals after they are canned, frozen and cooked. Those chemicals and preservatives, which are added in meat, are harmful for human consumption and can also be carcinogenic. Some of the processed meat also contains rodent hair that is legally permissible! The meat is processed with carbon monoxide so that a red tinge has been always present to make the meat look fresh. Carbon monoxide can cause a great deal of diseases such as headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and more.

Animals are fed with arsenic

Did you know that animals in the poultry like chicken, duck, geese and turkey as fed up with arsenic? Arsenic is known to be a metal that is very bad for human health and can cause a variety of skin problems as well as hormone problems in the body. Food dyes and colors are also used to color fish and meat to make it appear fresh and healthy. These dyes are known to disrupt brain development in humans. Meats like hot dog and chicken nuggets are made with the help of preservatives and meat scraps that are actually discarded while making food.

Processed meat has a number of negative aspects and they are bad for health as well. They have a negative effect on our health and thus should not be consumed on a regular basis. Consumption of processed meat on a regular basis may cause the risk of heart diseases, lung disease, cancer and diabetes. So do you now know what goes into you when you are having those delicious and tempting chicken nuggets or those hot dogs and burgers? Avoid processed meat altogether and stay healthy and happy.

Source: Healthy Wild And Free