1. He showers you with lots of care

If that man in your life is always happy when you meet with glad tidings, he is definitely the right person for you because he will stay by you through thick and thin. He will go out his way to buy you gifts when you least expect them

2. He desires nothing but the best for you

When a man is truly in love with a lady, he will find himself spending time with her friends and family. He will offer you his support without asking for anything in return.

3. He treats you like a queen

He is very sincere and places your needs above his.

4. Spends quality time with you

If your man will stop at nothing to be by your side, he is definitely the right person for you.

5. You are his priority

If he truly loves you, he will always include you in his plan.

6. He can help but introduce you to people he knows

If he truly loves you, he won’t have issues with hugging and holding your hands in the public. He will also go as far as introducing you to his friends and colleagues. He takes you to his family and work at times.

7. He is very sincere

He is definitely the right man for you if he hides nothing from you including his past relationships. He doesn’t make empty promises, and will to run away when ever any challenge arises in your relationship.