In this patriarchal society men would always want their partners to be loving, caring and attractive along with a smart attitude that can lure them. A man always likes to be praised and adored very like a woman.

Respect men feel respect as love

Respect is a very important and mandatory factor in a relationship. You should always respect your partner and reciprocate his feelings as he does to yours. He wants you to love him the way he is and also love his job and career, his family and himself as a person. This will help you to gain your partners trust in the best way possible.

Sex life

Believe it or not, all men love healthy and loving sex life. A man can initiate sex to see whether you are still sexually attracted towards him. If he reaches out for you, you should also go out off your way and embrace him so that he feels loved. That would be enough for him.


Men are always leading a busy and a stressful life and they also want some comfort and reassurance that you are there for him. They would always want to feel relaxed and comfortable with you and expect that you would relieve their stress as well. You need to emotionally balance with them and also support them in times of need.

A simple relationship

All men want their relation to be simple and not complicated. He expects a transparent relation, which is free from any kind of games or diplomacy. Blame games are also not preferred. Women are usually known to be the type who starts a hue and cry over an issue. You should learn to be patient and understand your partner. At the same time, let him have his own personal space so that your bond can be strengthened so that both of you love each other and trust each other as well.


Tell your man what you like in him and why you find him so attractive. Emphasize on his physical features and tell him that they are your favorite. Also take him out on a date when you feel that he needs to be loved and pampered. Praise him and make him feel wanted as well.

Men really love it when you praise then about their masculinity in bed. Though men always do not require constant appreciation, they would definitely love to be praised once or the other. Improve his mood by pampering him and showing him that you love him. Tell him about his gesture, his good looks and his perfect attitude as well.


The lack of communication can be of great disappointment to men as well as women. Your partner would like you to communicate with him and be transparent as well. You need to show your partner that you are at par with his communication and not give him hints and clues on what you want.

Have your own identity

Men would always like you to have your own identity and not depend on someone else. They will definitely support all your activities and plans if they know that you are on the right path. You must have personal life of yourself and not always hang on to your partner.

Try out these seven simple steps and you can be sure that your relation with your partner would be the best one and you would have no chances to regret on the same. The same would definitely comply with your partner as well.

Source: Just Natural Life