Water does not taste good, but, it is very important to take water properly, such that our body can function in a proper way. If, you want to consume more water, in spite of the taste, here are a few ways to enjoy drinking water.

  1. Adding fruits: A number of fruits, like lemon, oranges, or other citrus fruits are full of water, which will enhance the taste buds, as well. You can crush raspberries, or even watermelons to the water. Cucumber can even add taste to the water, especially in the summer.
  2. Using juice: All types of fruit juice can enhance the flavor of water, but, tart, cranberry, grape or apple juices can lead to delicious flavors. You should select natural fruit juices, which are free from sugars. You should remember that fruit juices can even provide vitamins and antioxidants, besides the taste.
  3. Bubble the water: A number of people even like sparkly water. In case, you find the normal drinking water tasteless, you can have mineral water. Carbonated water is also a good choice. You can add the juices mentioned above, which can be equally nutritious for you. It can also be added with a number of fruits, chopped. In case you are a club soda devotee, you may get the same at home, with it.
  4. Go creative with ice: Many say, ice water tastes better than normal water, at room temperature. Thus, ice cubes can make a good drink. You can get the suggestions for flavors, above, with fruits, mint, cucumbers. Just cut the fruits, of your choice, and add it to the ice. Juice, tea, or cubes of coffee are also great. Ice cube trays also come in nice shapes, like stars, fishes, etc. It can surely be helpful, to become more creative, just with the aid of ice.
  5. Drinking tea: Fruity, green, white, herbal, or red teas are far better than black teas, or coffees, as they are free from caffeine. There are a number of flavors, for the teas, and you can get the best from one of them. You can start choosing the flavors, from the market, close to you, or any other health or food store. In case, you want better tastes, you can even search for teas, which are grown in different places, all over the world.
  6. Gofer bouillons, soups, and gumbos: If you want to move towards tea, you can surely move on to tea, and start consuming one of them, instead of hot ones. You should definitely go for foods, which has less fat, and low sodium, as they fetch benefits to health. As soup is based on water, some hot soup will surely help you to consume a lot of water, yet delicious.
  7. Add flavoring, which are fast: In case you are looking for a fast boost of the flavor, you can consider drink mixes, which are free from sugar, or a number of flavor packs, which can be suitable for your filtering system, within the health.