Majority of the women think that the way to get a rejuvenated and refreshed organism lies in the usage of a number of cosmetic products and methods. But, the truth is, you do not need cosmetic procedures every time, as other solutions are there. In many cases, you can find women, who look 15 years less than their age.

70-year women looks like a young girl of 30 years – Here is the recipe for better eyesight, beautiful skin and enough hair.

Here is a woman of 70 years old, who looks like 30. But she wants her identity to be kept confidential, and showed her secret by such a long youth.

According to the woman, consumption of elixir made her hair shiny and thick, as well. Apart from it, it also made her skin evener and young, by making her eyesight better. It also helped her in stopping hair loss. It is really great.

Recipe for Elixir

  • Ingredients:
  • Lemons – 2
  • Linseed oil – 100 ml
  • Honey – 5 Kg
  • Garlic Clove – 1


You will have to clean the garlic clove, and a peel of lemon. Next, you will have to put the clove of garlic, peeled and unpeeled lemon within a blender. You will have to mix it well and add honey, with some linseed oil. At last, you will have to mix all the items together. Keep the mixture in a jar and refrigerate it.


Take a teaspoon of elixir three times, before every meal.

Source: Healthy Bio Food